Mid-Week Boost: 5 Lessons from the Puzzler

For the last few weeks, I have been doing puzzles with my son (and by doing puzzles I mean coaching him while he completes them on his own). I think that puzzling can teach my busy 5 year old a lot of valuable lessons. By me choosing to guide and support him through his own processes, he can have fun and learn along the way....more

How Being Sick Made Me a Better Runner

I recently started a running blog for women. My last race post left on a note of positivity. I had just finished a 10k at the Berkeley Half Marathon, and had plans to begin a run streak lasting until infinity. ...more

Miracles Exist, Even If They Are In Form of a Candle

A Modern-Day Hanukkah Miracle...more

Good Good Father

Have you ever asked God for something and he gave it to you but it didn't quite turn out how you expected? Fancy that. Well this is exactly what happened to me about 4 months after taking a leap of faith into a new job after leaving my previous job after 7 years.  I mean the job was everything I had prayed for until it just took several unexpected turns. What I thought was my dream job was slowly becoming a nightmare (well parts of it). But God......more

Why Love Is A Great Source Of Inspiration

As the fire that ignites our creativity, inspiration is vital for a fulfilling life because it energizes us, brings us a new wave of ideas and it makes us see old things in new ways. That said, it is not easy to provoke inspiration, mostly because we don’t fully know how it works. However, it is proven that strong emotions can generate a powerful stream of inspiration....more

Want to be More Creative? Try Coloring

At the end of the week you’re finally ready to tackle a blog post, short story or newsletter, but when the blank page appears on your screen you’re suddenly stumped for creativity. You’ve been working hard all week on your business and it’s hard to shift your brain to its creative side. How do you keep your creativity booming in the midst of the busyness of work and life?...more

Celebrating A Closed Chapter

Relationships come and go from the time our parents allow us (and for some sneakily) to have them. To understand our adult relationships one must acknowledge how the past has played a part in who you become as a partner and what you value in others. So, let’s start from the beginning......more

Everything I Know About Running I Learned From 'The Little Engine That Could'

My favorite book growing up was The Little Engine That Could.I hadn’t thought much about the book until one of my last trips home. I found my childhood copy amongst the things that my parents kept from so many years ago.In reading the book for the first time since childhood, I was struck by how much of my running career, and my life, is reflected in that Little Blue Engine....more