It's been just over a month since the marathon, and contrary to what more experienced marathoners have promised, I am not laboring under any kind of "runner's amnesia."I am still quite adamantly opposed to running another 26.2 miles. Ever.I guess it's a case of "know thyself."And I know, quite certainly, that my marathon experience was a bucket list kind of thing.But that's not to say my experience didn't lead to a big breakthrough.Huge, actually....more

20 Reasons You're a Twenty-Something Who Gets It

1. You’re not forcing it. Not that friendship that drains all of your energy, not that gluten free fad everyone seems to be buying into, and certainly not the if-you’re-not-married-by-thirty-you’ll-die-alone slippery slope.2. You trust your story. Your past gives you an edge, and you rather like it. The good, the bad, and the terrible: those experiences have all been instrumental in creating the person you are today....more

New Year, New You?

As the sun rises on February 1st, we are 33% done with the first quarter. Yes – that means we are 30 days into 2015, and it is already February. “WHAT?!?!?!” (Yep, those words just came out of my mouth.)My New Year’s resolutions have already gone out of the window, but I am not alone. Can you believe that 92% of people who set New Years Resolutions have already failed too?! That means only 8% has stuck to them!!...more

Maryam Mirzakhani: Math Mastermind

Fields Medal, Wikipedia.org ...more

The Phenomenal Maya Angelou

  Maya Angelou, Wikimedia Commons ...more

Beat the post-holiday blues with a Cabin Fever party

The holidays are over and in many places around our country, the snow and cold temperatures are keeping everyone inside. There's nothing worse that being cooped up--it's a sure fire way to get a tough case of Cabin Fever....more

Just A little Bit... (Nablopomo Day 10)

*This post is Day Ten of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer.I...more

The Secret to a Long and Happy Life, From the Most Fabulous Woman Ever

There aren’t many people who have led a more fabulous life than my grandma Topsy. When asked how many countries she’s been to, she laughs and responds, “Oh — almost all of them!” And she’s not exaggerating. She’s been to Antarctica twice, journeyed from Capetown to Casablanca, and explored the depths of China when it was first opened to westerners after Chairman Mao....more

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!For many people today marks the beginning of a new chapter. We are each faced with 365 days of the unknown. These days will move forward but you have the power to influence each day. You choose how you greet each day and approach each moment....more