Feel, Forgive, Repeat

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Noteable Quotes from #BlogHer16 Weekend | Experts Among Us

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Find Beauty In The Broken

15 Inspiring Quotes from #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso

 Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal fashion label and author of the incredibly inspiring ‘#GirlBoss’. She started Nasty Gal selling  vintage clothes on Ebay and grew it into $250 million dollar online retail empire over 8 years.On the importance of trusting yourself:...more


 Gardening is an endeavour that blends hands-on tactile effort with a working knowledge of plant requirements and soil management…essentially, that is a solid definition of what you are physically doing when you are tackling any garden chore....more

3 Tips to Get Over Valentine’s Day Blues

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Fitspo and Why I'll Never Post A Half-Naked Gym Selfie

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The Hero Effect & the Inspiration to Keep Writing

Starting to write and continuing to write are two completely different things, at least for me and from what I read from all of my creative heroes. Thank god I have heroes. They comfort me. They inspire me....more

Live a More Positive Life This Year

 The New Year is still fresh, at least I think so, how about you?  As it continues to unfold, I want to remind everyone that being positive goes a long way and surrounding yourself around positive experiences may push you even further...something that the famous female author, Maya Angelou, once said and I believe to be true:  ...more

Appreciation of Others

"This is the year to appreciate others with consistent action and words! Connect with those who value you and what you bring to the table. These will be the relationships that push you to become and be what you are created to be. Do not put your energy into relationships that drain you. Make it a goal to thank others, do for them what they would do for you, keep your promises even when you don't feel like it, ask them if they need something rather than waiting for them to ask you, and lastly say I appreciate you....more