3 (More) Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Week

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Seeking Inspiration at #BlogHer15

At the end of this week, I'll be in New York City, attending my fourth blogging conference and third BlogHer. My train ticket is bought, new business cards are on their way, and I think I'll come up with some version of an outfit plan in the next few days (what to wear is a big deal with this group)....more
emmapalova Hi Emma! I'll definitely be tweeting from the conference, so feel free to follow me ...more

I'm Possible

Taking on Challenges


Appreciation: Are you Enough?


Say This With Me, I Declare And Decree I Will Walk In The Fullness of God’s Blessings!

Not everybody will celebrate you. There are some who may not even like you. They don’t matter. Learn to celebrate yourself. You matter! While it may be refreshing to know that somebody cares, even when they don’t, learn to celebrate yourself....more

I Remember When It Wasn't Cool To Be African

I remember not talking about my heritage because I thought my parents being from Africa was weird. Didn't feel comfortable inviting others over because of the unique smells emitted from our apartment when my mother cooked. When others would ask where I come from I'd say "African" quietly. I was teased because of my name. I didn't look like the Hispanic girls that were predominant in my neighborhood and I felt bad because I thought something was "wrong" with me. Why couldn't I have long, silky hair like her? I would think to myself....more

MM - A magical gift

Hubby and I have been together since July 1987, and I have the receipt to prove it. Yes, that's a story for another day... *grin* It's safe to say he understands me better than anyone else on the planet. The day before our youngest turned fifteen, he was shopping with the eldest at a local shop (The Mustard Seed Natural Living Center), and spotted this -...more