A Story Unfinished: A Review

A few months ago, I was honored to be chosen as an “Off the Shelf” reviewer for Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City.  Y’all may have noticed by now that I love books.  So why wouldn’t I be thrilled to have the opportunity to read quality books (for free!) and talk about them here?  My first review follows.  My only compensation was the book itself, and the opinion is my own....more

Tap into your Creativity

Monday’s Musings : On CreativityApril 28, 2014Monday's Musings...more

Have you had a Look Up Moment?

Happy Look Up Day everyone!For some of you, this is a new concept. However, there are many who have been celebrating Look Up day for years. For those new to Look Up Day, welcome.Look Up Day is celebrated every 27th of the month to remind you to:1) Be aware of your surroundings...more

When All Balls Drop - The Upside of Losing Everything Cover Selected

Back from over a month in New Zealand and Australia, I couldn’t wait to get home to share the news.Drum roll please…...more

Granting My Kids' Wishes, One Dandelion at a Time

From those whispered in tiny voices before drifting off to sleep, to those shouted for the world to hear, I tirelessly work at granting my children's wishes in a world full of "not nows" and "maybe laters." Some may say I'm spoiling my children by granting their wishes, but I'm not refering to the whiny meltdowns in the toy aisle we've all been privy to nor the wants of today stemming from a checklist of grade school comparables all too soon forgotten. ...more
jhanis Absolutely!more

Desk Job to Dream Job - My New Office Has Windows to the World

From Desk Job to Dream Job My New Office Has Windows to the World...more

You Shook Me All Night Long…At A 6.4 Magnitude

I was startled awake to my entire world shaking. Living at the top of a high-rise, I felt like a bird being rattled out of its nest by a being greater than itself. The wrought iron panel that normally leans against my wall, was rattling and falling forward. The hanging lamps across the room did an interpretive dance all their own. My first thought, that of my baby birds as I stumbled down the hall to their bedrooms. One was awake and terribly afraid. The other fast asleep in his innocence....more

Note to Self

Dear Teenage Me,You are so vibrant and full of life.  I want you to understand how valuable those qualities are, that you’re unique, special. It is difficult to find people in this life with those qualities, they’re rare, you’re rare.  Cherish them, be proud of them, they will serve you well....more