7 Beliefs of Successful People

Marissa Mayer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett…what do these highly successful people have in common? Studies have shown that successful people have a unique approach towards the role they play in their environment. These approaches are not intrinsically hardwired in successful people, but rather can be learned and practiced by anyone. Take a look at these 7 beliefs to see how the mindsets of successful people can impact your goals and perspectives....more

The Universe Is My Boss

NaBloPoMo Day 1: My Favourite Quotation

Today's prompt is: Tell us your favourite quotation and why. Tough one. I love quotes. I used to "collect" quotes as though it were some valuable hobby. By collecting I mean I have 4 (very thick) notebooks where I wrote down quotes for future reference (i.e. writing in cards). I even brought them over to Australia with me because books of quotes would obviously be very handy when writing my Masters thesis. ...more
@Nobody wants to be Ethel Thank you! And wow you're a busy bee. What are your classes for?more

Activating Your Core

When I first started working with my trainer, he told me to do a certain exercise right, I needed to activate my core."I don't have a core.""Everyone does.  It's just buried."Nice, I thought sarcastically.  But I still came back for more.Many moons later, I feel like I do have a core, even if it is a little buried, and I can do things I once thought were lost forever.  Having a stronger core gives me a sense of power, but also a sense of balance....more

Amazing Grace

I don't remember the exact details of her story but I will never forget the lesson of it....more
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.more

Learning to Live In the Moment!

Learning to live in the moment!I've worked for over 20 years; until now. I've always planned my future...in HS I planned to go to Howard University and study law.  When that plan didn't go thru for various reasons, I had a back up plan and attended another college where yes, I majored in Pre-law/Economics... Bachelors degree...Next UC law school.But Life ~~~ LIFE STEPPED IN!! ...more
I think we are always on a journey towards self discovery. I am glad you found peace while you ...more

Like sight, POWER too is a gift.

Power is an intimidating word to most people.  It is something we should all strive for ourselves in order to know just how far we can go in our lives, by using what we were born with. Power is within all of us. Power seemingly attaches to a feeling of a force that cannot be matched, one that is stable, and strong. There are thoughts that we may feel that certain people just have it and that we were not one of the lucky ones dealt a so called "power card".  ...more

One More Day of Okay

It is one of my main trigger issure.I turn the key in the car--nothing. Deader than a doornail, as my Dad used to say.I will fall apart over a dead car quicker than anything. Every insecurity I have is laid bare--no family or friends or husband or bank account to quicky save me. Dead in the water. Powerless and stranded. Without a car, my tiny family and I are simply screwed.It's that, of course, but it becomes more if left unchecked to jump up and down on my injured outlook. It becomes a line in the sand between when all was well and when everything went to hell....more

Learning to Wait

I'm a late twenty-something and fall under the Generation Y (millennial) category, so I’m used to things happening fairly quickly. We've also been deemed the microwave generation for having things done fast. I like to think that I’m a patient person, but I stumble at times, and find myself wanting things to happen faster than they tend to....more
Amen!  Thanks for sharing your story... I just shared a similar story then yours popped ...more

Yettiology: How Bad Do You Want It?