Getting Beat by the Blind Kid with Cerebral Palsy

My nephew Ben was born prematurely with cerebral palsy. His seventeen years have been punctuated by painful operations. He has faced each one with courage and grace, hardly complaining, occasionally admitting that it doesn’t feel so great to have been dealt this hand. But his sly smile and hearty laughter show up more often than his complaints.Recently, he went blind....more

Psychologist and others sharing their thoughts

Psychologist and good writers sharing their knowledge...more

Friday Five from the Wondering Twenty Something

It's time to take a look at the few of things that made me smile this week!  We've got cocktails, great weather, and great views!  What's making you happy? Read more here...more

Release your Power!

It took me a long time to realize that we all are so powerful!  Yes we have the power to do anything we want.  Believing, feeling in the power that flows from deep within, harnessing that power is all we have to do to bring all that we want to us....more


We all have memories of the past. Today it was too quiet in the house, so i turned the radio on to my favorite stations KMOD. Let me tell you they played plenty of songs that took me way back in time. I guess being old has its pluses. I remember when my boyfriend now husband used to ride his bike 8 miles down a dirt road to climb in my window after my dad (Chief of Police) would go to bed. To this day he has never said anything about it, but my husband and i remember those days....more

Mi Vida is my message

As I venture back into this world of blogging, I realize that I am a little boring.  I would love to have some great exciting things happening to me daily, so I could “Wow” readers with my exploits.  However, I realized that being exciting is costly.  I looked into a trip to skydive…I figured that would be very exciting and it is.  It also cost a whole lot too.  So does hot air ballooning and horseback riding lessons…not just a day riding....more

The Wake Up Call

Here’s the thing: we’re all busy. It’s so easy to get into the groove of waking up in the cold and dark of early morning, hitting the ground running, and not stopping until you crash late in the night, way past the time when you said you’d put yourself to bed so that you’d be more rested tomorrow when you do it all over again. I was in that same grind. It wasn’t even a bad place to be, it was just life. And then life took a left turn I didn’t see coming. It started out innocently enough....more


"A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."--Mohandas Gandhi"Behold, Be Still, Believe = Be Heard"...more

Decorating with stripes

Maybe you’re one of those who adores them, or maybe you just can’t stand them, but it’s a fact that stripes are one of the most followed fashion trend. What about home décor then?...more