Your First Strength Workout!

You know that strength training can help you develop strong muscles and bones, but did you know that it can make your heart healthier too? Strength training or resistance training has been shown to lower resting heart rate and improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. And circuit training specifically (which we will be doing), has been proven to lower resting blood pressure levels. Plus, the stronger your muscles, the less taxing it is on your heart when you do daily activities such as lifting heavy objects....more
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I've Actually Been RUNNING!

A couple of years ago I took a strength training class at our local YMCA. The teacher was amazing. The teacher was 7 months pregnant. You would think taking a strength training class from a pregnant woman wouldn't leave you too sore. It always took me a good two days before I could even walk again....more
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Week 3: Become a Sugar Sleuth

Welcome to week three of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness, 8 Weeks & 8 Life-Changing Ways to Upgrade Your Diet....more

A New Year, A New Me!

I know, this is a crafting blog. And an idea blog. And a very occasional recipe blog. But sometimes I blog about our little life. And what's currently taking up the most space in my thoughts....more

Heart Health in Motion: Intensity

Before you get started with your new Inspiration to Fitness program, it is important to learn how to track your exercise intensity.  You want to be sure that you are exercising hard enough to see results, but not so hard that you are putting yourself at risk of injury. There are three ways to measure exercise intensity, and it is important to use all of them together....more
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Starting My Year of Healthy Living

I was so excited when BlogHer asked me to be a part of their Inspiration to Fitness program. Mainly because, don't know if I've mentioned this once or six hundred times already this year, it totally lines up with my goal to make 2012 the year of a healthy lifestyle....more
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I'm Not a Runner. This Is MY Road to 5K

I don't like to run. You would probably take one look at me and not be surprised by that statement.  I don't look like a runner.  And even when I read inspirational stories about people that didn't like to run who are now training for their first marathon, I still don't think I will ever love being a runner.  26.2 miles does not appeal to me. What does appeal to me is this picture....more
This is very much what I am going through! I have 5 kids and I look pretty fit, but the last ...more

Road to 5K: First Week of Training

Welcome to our first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track! Excitement mixed with a little nervousness is natural at the start of any training program. But congratulations—you’re taking the first step to a healthier, stronger, more balanced you! Running a 5k is just a bonus! Many runners agree that running is 90 percent mental. Negative thoughts and a lack of motivation can take down even the best runner. Here are a few tips to get and stay motivated:...more
In the first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track there is excitement mixed ...more

Life-Changing Nutrition Upgrades

Welcome to BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness! Katherine and I are very excited to be blogging every week to challenge you to make a positive change to your eating. We'll be setting each of the challenges based on the most serious nutrition issues we see every day. They include lack of fruits and veggies; too many added sugars and sweeteners; reliance on meals eaten out or prepared away from home; and the shortfall of fiber and how to get real about what’s a portion....more
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Getting Your Heart Health on Track

Hello and welcome to the Inspiration to Fitness program!  My name is Alysa Bajenaru, I am a personal trainer and registered dietitian, and I am going to be your fitness expert for the Heart Health track of this 8-week program.   Through my blog Inspired RD, I seek to challenge you to live a life of inspiration.  Whether that is from learning how to cook for your family, getting a jumpstart on a new fitness routine, or even trying out a new craft, inspiration is everywhere....more