Here are ten things you can do to help celebrate YOU: 2.  take good care of yourself; wear clothes that flatter and fit....more

Laundry, dishes, dusting and dogs ~ A humble moment, at the right time

Laundry, dishes, dusting and dogs seems to sum up my morning of activities. Monday always seems to hold the highest number of chores in my home since we are usually coming and going all weekend to our kids events. There is never time Sunday night for me to actually get a head start on these chores, especially with another kidney stone trying to make its path out of my body tearing everything in its path....more

Inspire others to inspire themselves …

Nowadays I saw a lot of postings via Face book or emails sharing words of wisdom to inspire others. It is so exciting to know that a lot of us out there are trying their best to spread the vibe of inspiring others. There is something different, in a larger scale, something grand that we could do. Inspire others to inspire themselves....more
Sometimes I use a similar technique on myself. When I'm stuck, I ask questions out loud. "Sue, ...more