I went to the art gallery after ages today. I didn’t get a chance to wander for hours as I had my 4 year old with me. The attention span of a preschooler combined with snack time interruptions does not make for an art indulging day....more

Wednesday Reading

Wednesday Reading...more

Feeling Inspired and Making Plans for BIG Changes

I have been feeling VERY inspired lately!  Last Saturday, the ladies of Femworking really inspired me to push my blog further than I have ever dreamed.  I got home and got on Amazon Prime and bought these books....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Changes Needed Are Within You 2-13-12

Move and change is in the air!It may be connected with business and opportunities in the way you make money, or moving your business outright. Opposing Energies: manipulating, miscommunications, procrastinationBecause value is part of this influence, there might be some resistance to moving or changing your business or home due to unrealistic fears of financial losses in the future....more

Finding Resolution

Minus thirty not only feels cold, but it looks cold and the thought of going outside in it isn't very appealing.  So we didn't go out.  We stayed home and flopped on the sofa and baked a casserole for the morning and worked on downloading photos....and made a half-hearted attempt at New Year's Resolutions.  And then I went out for a walk....and everything changed....more
@edavis I love it! I want a pair of tap shoes! I hope you are tapping the day away!more

Hello World!

Miss Bea wants….to talk about vintage Bird in Birdcage Heart 'Miss Bea wants' Earrings Vintage – adjective Representing the high quality of a past time Old fashioned, obsolete...more

Scents so right.

I love fragrances, but I think my favorite fragrances of all are those that are related to foods or places in some way. One of the top ten handmade places I've shopped for handmade fragrances online is Modern Atelier. I originally found this shop on Etsy. However, it has since moved on to it's own domain.  ...more

Crazy Nutty Women Inspire

Yes she is nuts, Yes she doesn't take her cue from anyone but herself but that is what I love about her.Do you have a Crazy Nutty Woman that inspires you? Does she make you think that yes you can do more. Does she make you feel fearless around her? ...more

Inspired Movement…

Inspired Movement… Wow, almost 2 weeks into 2009 are you moving forward?  I just finished speaking at the Crystal Cathedral this past weekend and what a rush of joy as I presented Victorious Warrior or Wounded Victim.  A message that has moved people into inspired ...more