Chinoiserie Redux

Chinoiserie has always been a personal favorite of mine, and has never gone out of style.  I have posted on Chinoiserie before (you can it them here), and within the past three years it has become very popular.  Within the past year, we are seeing the Chinoiserie influence but with a twist, a more modern and contemporary perspective--thus Chinoiserie Redux.  It is more streamlined and minimalistic....more

Inspired Space :: Cabin Renovation I Wish Was Mine

Oh a girl can dream of renovating a cabin of her very own. I have enjoyed watching Sarah Sherman of Smitten Studio’s cabin renovation unfold. I have also been dreaming it was all mine. She is making the design very smart, clean and simple. I love seeing how people transform an IKEA furniture piece… like her bedroom dresser. I also love a butcher block counter top, subway tile and a beautifully arrange shelves in a Kitchen. See the full cabin reveal at Smitten Studios. Thanks Sarah for sharing and inspiring us!...more
Oh man. I love what was done with that Ikea dresser. I am having ALL THE THOUGHTS now because we ...more