Women Who Inspire: Meet Laurie

A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch browsing through Facebook, when I came across a community page called "Emily's Heart". This page was created by her mother Laurie, and follows Emily's journey to recovery from open heart surgery. I felt instantly connected to this family. They have invited viewers into their lives with pictures and live video updates along the way....more

Feeling unsupported? Here are some tips

Have you had those times when you felt disliked or unsupported? Perhaps you were promoted, opened a company or planned a vacation and were totally excited. When you brought this idea to your family, friends and acquaintances the idea was met with disinterest , distain or even outright anger? How did you feel in that moment? Were you angry or discouraged? Did you feel like giving up on your idea all together?...more

5 things living in France Improved about my Lifestyle

Last August, I moved to France. A spontaneous step puzzling everyone who know me, myself included.Why?Let’s define it as the toughest and scariest decisions in my life - follow my heart.Having no particular expectations set and even a slightest idea of what’s being an expat in France is actually like, I bought a ticket and left. It is just as crazy as it sounds.(Living in Japan doesn’t count. I was a 4 year kid and can’t remember much of that time anyway.)...more

These 2 Female Doctors in Somaliland Helped a 6-year-old Boy Walk Again

Samahope's Dr. Shukri and Dr. Naima are the first ever female doctors at the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital. In Somaliland, where all women are expected to get married at a very young age and to stay at home with their family to take care of their children, this is an incredible accomplishment....more

Maya Angelou Inspiring Quotes

Acclaimed author and poet Maya Angelou died this morning at age 86.Not many people have inspired as many lives as Maya Angelou has.Did you know that at 16, Maya Angelou was the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco and also the first woman conductor? By the time she was 40, she had been a cook, a waitress, a madam, a prostitute, a dancer, an actress, a playwright, an editor at an English-language newspaper in Egypt, and a Calypso singer?...more

Inspirational Women

By Drs. Jami and Heather WilderIn the last year, we have been inspired by an amazing group of girls and women. Some inspired us with the tenderness; some with their strength. As we focus on inspiration this month, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those girls and women who inspired us to be better people.Zuriel Oduwole...more