Why I Post Pictures of My Kids Online

I joined Instagram in 2010, right after my first child was born. I posted a few photos here and there, but it wasn't until 2012 that I became a regular user. We had just moved to a new neighbourhood here in London, and I didn't know anyone. After a few lonely months, I figured out that I could connect with local mums by following them on Instagram. ...more

16 Fab Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

 Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. Susan Sontag   I have a confession to make. I am beyond obsessed with Instagram. In fact, it is my absolute favorite social media network (after Twitter of course) at the moment and for many great reasons....more

How Will Instagram’s New Algorithm Affect You?

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way their social feeds operate. It was only a matter of time before Instagram jumped on the gravy train. With over 400 million strong, Instagram's community is growing by the day. ...more
clivechip  I couldn't agree more! That is what I love most about the app - I love to scroll ...more

What I Learned About Instagram Loop Giveaways

So I stumbled onto a loop giveaway recently for a Kate Spade purse, an iPad mini, and a Canon Rebel camera. Of course, I would want to win that prize. I usually stay away from huge giveaways because they seem too good to be true. But I thought, Why not? That pink Kate Spade purse would be perfect for spring and summer. And so I went down the loop giveaway brick road only to end up frustrated. ...more

How To Maximize Your Time On Instagram as a Small Business

In this installment of our “get the most of your social media time series”, we explore some features of Instagram and offer some tips on making it easier to post regularly....more

How to Get More Instagram Followers

It's okay, you can tell me the truth, you secretly wish you were Instagram famous. I too wish I had red lips like Taylor Swift and her Instagram stats to match (61.9 million followers to date). It's unlikely that you or I will ever have T-Swizzle level followers, but there are definitely sure fire ways to increase your follower count! Check out all the details on how to get more Instagram followers below!...more

Instagram is My Midlife Crisis

I’m a 41-year-old writer and I just joined Instagram. This confession feels akin to a modern midlife crisis, only instead of a new red Porsche, I’m posting selfies and photos of my cats. Stop me while I’m ahead. I admit I’m a bit of a late bloomer, there were only 300 MILLION others who did it before me....more

8 Things I’ve Learned from Instagram Over the Last Three Years

When I got my first iPhone in 2012, the very first app I downloaded was Instagram. Instagram launched in October of 2010, and quickly grew in popularity. By the time I joined in 2012, it already had over 100 million active users. For someone like me who was forever filling up their phones with images, this was an app I knew I would never be without. Sure, I posted most of them to Facebook, but now I could have an app that was dedicated to my love of images. ...more
So true about the fitness communities on Insta! Inspiration game is STRONG!more

Is Social Media Giving You Christmas Envy?

How often do you look at someone else's social media feed and feel the pressure that you're not living up to some impossibly unrealistic standard? Have you fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to the seemingly fabulous lives others are portraying on social media and feel that you're somehow falling short? It happens to me all the time, and it's not a good feeling. Frankly, it sucks and during the holiday time of year, it's even worse. I'm not some crafty DIYer or chef or baker or candlestick maker. ...more
Yes, I feel it too.  In fact, I feel all kinds of envy so much via the social media platforms, ...more