TODAY'S TASK: Get Your Instagram Feed Holiday Ready

My goal for the 2015 holiday season is to make my Instagram a bit more "holiday-ready." Instead of snapping and posting, I want to slowly create a holiday presence on my feed, and make it feel just as cozy as my home. I want you to look at my feed and think "I definitely want to curl up by her fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket." ...more
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Instagram: You Get One Shot to Impress

Instagram is the the “it” social media platform for bloggers. However, we both know tomorrow it could be Periscope or another new kid on the block. Instagram gives you one shot to impress. Can you tell your story with one image?I sat down with event photographer Trisha Leeper and asked for tips. If you are not familiar with Trisha Leeper, she has photographed many A-List events and even had the pleasure of photographing Mark Zuckerberg.Six tips on capturing a story in one single image...more

Instagram For Small Business: 3 Post Ideas To Drive Engagement

When it comes to social media influencing the bottom line of your small business, content with great images is key. Many social platforms today are built around images, as opposed to text, like Instagram....more

Instagram Photo Challenge: #FallinLoveOctober


Instagram For Small Business – What’s A Loop Giveaway?

Instagram has quickly become a very popular social media platform that is gaining new users daily. Their new ad platform is also allowing big brands to cash in on the social commodity by offering ads to targeted customers....more

Fall in Love: October Instagram Photo Challenge

I’m so excited to finally announce my very first Instagram challenge: #fallinloveoctober...more

The Very Important Reason Why I Add a Watermark to Certain Photos

Recently, I have been asked a ton about the watermark that I put on some of my Instagram images. I've been asked how I add the watermark, how I choose what images to mark, how I place the watermark without distorting or compromising the image quality, and why I add it. The How is easy, the Why is not so much, but today I'm going to explain both. ...more
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8 Things I’ve Learned from Instagram Over the Last Three Years

When I got my first iPhone in 2012, the very first app I downloaded was Instagram. Instagram launched in October of 2010, and quickly grew in popularity. By the time I joined in 2012, it already had over 100 million active users.For someone like me who was forever filling up their phones with images, this was an app I knew I would never be without. Sure, I posted most of them to Facebook, but now I could have an app that was dedicated to my love of images....more
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