7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

When it comes to a person having an Instagram account, they always keep their prime target to increase the number of followers for their account. There are some ways which people mainly prefer doing as they are less tricky and much more convenient in carrying out. But there are even some unusual ways which people may have never even thought which could be as effective as any normal method....more

Twitter and Instagram Most Popular Social Media

Twitter and Instagram are two of the most popular websites for social interaction. Twitter is used to tweet, comment about you or on other’s events. Instagram is used to create photos. You create a profile and upload photos for your life events and much more. There was very less competition in the early days when there was no internet. But with the advent of the web, businesses started creating websites, and with the arrival of the social sites, businesses began creating profiles of their companies....more

Instagram Stories and Digital Advertising

At the beginning of August, the popular video-sharing platform Instagram rolled out a new feature that is almost identical to an app that already exists. Instagram Stories closely mimics Snapchat’s product model, although Instagram’s videos disappear after 24 hours instead of Snapchat’s customary set number of seconds....more

I Wish My Social Media Feeds Were in Chronological Order

I'll admit it. I like things in chronological order. I would rather have a deluge of everything in chronological order than a curated gathering of items I want to read out of order. I'm okay with content wading. That's sort of the beauty of the Internet. You end up stumbling upon gems of information you didn't even know you wanted to see in the first place. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... are you listening?) ...more
stirrupqueen yes yes yes. I hate the out of order even more than the choosing what I see.more

How to Instagram Your Way Through #BlogHer16

The benefits of attending a BlogHer conference are many, but one of the very best is this: People "get" your social media obsession. Phones are in hand (or in faces) more often than not, and it's not unusual to nod understandingly when someone says, "Keep talking; I just need to post this picture before I forget my caption." ...more
BlogHer What camera are you all using in this photo?more