Social Media and Me

In case you think what I have to say is pretty rad and interesting, you can also follow me on facebook at Adora-ble Designs, instagram at @studchic1, and twitter at @buffmama2011. If your interest is in what I'm making, you can check out my shop on at AdorableDesignsNYC.I look forward to meeting you in the cyber world!Keep sweating and sewing.Adora...more

Happy Hump Day!

Hello there! I am in the middle of a carazayyyy week — I’ve been dying to get a post up (mushroom tart will be coming atchya soon), but have had literally no time. With that said, I didn’t want to keep things too quiet, so I wanted to check-in and say Happy Hump Day!...more

#Project365: A Day In The Life Of A Housewife

I have been a stay at home for nearly twelve years. In those twelve years I have been repeatedly asked, ‘What do you do all day?” To which I would respond, “I have no idea but I go to bed exhausted!”The ignorant question I once asked of other stay at home moms didn’t bother because I would start my day with purpose and end my day unsure of my choices but knowing I gave it my all....more

10 Modern Craft Necessities

Hanging out over at the Listicles, where Stasha is gathering lists of ten modern conveniences that you probably don't need...but can't do without.  I hopped on the Listicles train with 10 things in my craft room that I never needed before, but now I can't do without....more

Instagram online?

Is there a reason Instagram cannot be accessed through the internet? Why can I not take picture via my computer? I mean, to me, it only makes sense. I myself do not have a cell phone currently, but I REALLY want an Instagram because everyone else has one. So why can't I have one via the internet? ...more

Two Fun Instagram Hashtag Projects For Moms

I love Instagram hashtag projects. Various bloggers or Instagram devotees will choose a theme and assign a hashtag to it and collect ideas from followers on said topic. I came across a few this morning that I wanted to share; they were both shared by

Instagram sells photos of your kids. Now what?

 "Mom... Just. No. That's humiliating. Don't post anything about me. It's embarrassing."Said my teen when I first got on Facebook in 2005, as a full-time college student. He was more right than any of us could have predicted....more




If you don't follow me on Instagram... you should! Haha just kidding, but seriously Instagram is a great way to see process photos of all the projects I work on - but I'll be honest, you have to be ok with lots of pictures of my kids as well! Here are some Instagrams from this week...   ...more

My Week In Photos

This week has been a little hectic for me since I was basically wiped me out for most of last week and the weekend with what I can only call the flu.  Which is just so weird to me since it's JULY....more