Can You Drink Your Way To Firmer Skin? - The Taste Test

In February I published a post entitled Can You Drink Your Way to Firmer Skin? about ...more

I might have tried that just because I like coffee and want better skin! Well, until reading ...more

Coffee Wakes Up Your Taste Buds in Savory Recipes

It's still International Gourmet Coffee Month, and I'm continuing to celebrate the eye-opening beverage with a two-part series on cooking with coffee. That's right, coffee -- it's not just for drinking. This week, I'll introduce you to some great savory recipes that feature coffee as an ingredient, and next week, we'll look at the sweeter side of coffee's culinary prowess. ...more

Sangeeta, it was a surprising idea to me, too, but definitely a good one!

--- Genie, more

Is America Outgrowing Starbucks?

If there were ever a company symbolic of the time when housing prices increased with double-digit predictability each year, when annual bonuses were confidently assumed, and 401k's swelled with irrational exuberance, it is Starbucks. ...more

Well actually I bought two boxes since it's buy one get one free.

TW picked up five samples ...more