Steps to Access Infertility Insurance Benefits

Many people think if they are denied insurance coverage for fertility treatment, or simply lack benefits, their only options are bad and worse.  The reality is, infertility patients are more powerful than they realize.   There are numerous options people can pursue and resources they can access.  The three most important things you need to know to gain insurance benefits are:...more
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10 Quick Tips when picking out Medical Insurance

Since I was 17 I ‘ve worked with many doctors offices not only providing patient care but also verifying insurances. I find that most of my patients in our office ( I’ll be honest every office I have ever coordinated for) don’t have a good grasp on their medical coverage. Some people are either eager to get covered (especially now that if you aren’t, there is a fee) so they don’t read the fine print, while others might just be a little confused. I can’t tell you how many times some one calls to tell me ;...more

A new job, a new town!

I used to work in a little town called Safford, AZ. I became an insurance agent for home and auto insurance. I worked for the same company for just over 4 years. When asked for a raise to be compensated for the work that I do, I was refused a raise. I then started to look for new employment opportunities. I found work in the Mesa area. This was a huge move for me, since I am in a new (one year relationship) and I have been pretty secure where I was. WE decided to go ahead and make the move. I am now living in Apache Junction and working in Mesa....more

Access Denied!

Dear Patient,We're writing to inform you of a coverage denial. ...more

To Self Insure Or Take Your Chances

Top Five Flood Insurance Myths