How Does Health Reform Affect You NOW? (Part 3 of 3)

Obtaining health insurance in the current market is particularly difficult for young adults since many health insurers drop dependents from their parents' plans once they turn 19, or graduate from high school or college. Add to this the fact that many twenty-somethings are beginning their careers in low-paying, entry-level jobs which do not provide health care benefits, and it’s easy to see why nearly one in three young adults is uninsured. However, with the passage of the health reform bill, this statistic is set to change. ...more

Better, but not perfect. I am glad that those out of college can extend their coverage on their ...more

The Power of Choice: The Law of Birth Centers

Having Choices   ...more

"Help Me Have a Baby:" Resolve Teaches Congress Infertility is a Disease

Last week I wrote that Advocacy Day was happening for Resolve. This week, I bring you notes from the Building, not only to tell you about the work Resolve is doing to ensure that all Americans have adequate infertility coverage during this national discussion on health care reform, but also to entice you to join along next year when Advocacy Day rolls around again. ...more

We wanted them to understand that infertility is a disease and needs to
be ...more