Wal-Mart, Our Surprise Salvation, Part II

(The continuation of Dr. Patricia Allen's proposal that Wal-Mart administer the public option in health care reform. The first part is here.) Never one to shrink from audacity, Dr Pat, our Medical Mentor and Wise Woman called for recognition that Wal-Mart can be the solution to our health care crisis yesterday. Here is Part II of her compelling argument that Wal-Mart could actually make America healthier. ...more

Domestic Violence is a "pre-existing condition?" Really?

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) is trying to make sure that the health reform legislation under consideration in Congress will finally ban a practice that is legal in eight states: denying health insurance to victims of domestic violence on the grounds that it constitutes a pre-existing condition. It's something that she has been trying to get done for years, as she explained on CNN today::...more

The opposition argument that I have read says that of course, insurance companies should be ...more