Integrating Your Digital with Traditional Marketing in 2013

A few weeks ago we discussed the online marketing trends for 2013; now we are going to bring offline marketing into the mix. Let’s analyze trends, identify areas where your marketing strategy can be improved upon, and integrate your offline marketing to make sure that next year’s plan is even better than the last.1. Email Trends ...more

Sticks, Stones AND Names Hurt And So Does Bad Teacher Behavior

Yesterday I wrote the first story for the stories page at LGAF [The Lexi Grace Acceptance Foundation]. I avoid talking too much about or getting too in depth with my information from my school years. For one thing it's very painful. I spend days crying, my panic attacks come back full force and I have nightmares like you wouldn't believe....more

Curious George's Feeding Trick of the Day

I've just spent the last 20 minutes feeding my son a grilled cheese sandwich. He has serious food texture issues and treats any new food like dog poop (not uncommon for most toddlers, just more severe for SID and SDD kids). As I write this, I've managed to slip him about 3/4 of a grilled cheese on sprouted whole grain bread so far, thanks to Curious George and the pause button on my remote....more

Tangle to Tapestry: Owning Work As A Facet of Life

By Dana TheusSince we’ve begun a conversation on Owning Pink about the urges to create children and work, it’s prompted me to revisit the role of work in my life (which includes children) and ask you Pinkies to share with me how it fits in with yours. Why is there always so much tension between the energy we devote to these most important aspects of life? Where is the balance? What does it look like? Giving power away...more