Advice on Maintaining Copyright over Blog Content

Though I am not one of the first to embrace the loads of overwhelming unsolicited advice that gets thrown my way, such as: if the twins are waking up at 4 am, try making their bedtime later; or, if you're having trouble getting a job in what you were trained to do, think outside the box. It isn't that I am too proud for advice or that I already know everything. I will be one of the first to admit that I know very little; I am a little like Socrates in that way - I know that I do not know and I will not make many more knowledge claims than that....more

Make Money Off Intellectual Property

Is it possible to make money off of your intellectual property? And, what constitutes intellectual property anyway? Here's the Everyday Minimalist's approach to explaining and enjoying the fruits of your own IP. ...more

How to Teach Kids About Intellectual Property and Copyright

I began writing about social media netiquette and ethics for blog readers and writers, but the more I saw kids (elementary through high school) using apps on their smartphones and iPads, and online on sites that I use, I realized that the conversation needed to expand. Like, yesterday. Curious, I began asking what they considered "online rules." ...more
damian613 Thanks so much!more

Whose Digital Files Are These, Anyway?

When I’m not writing blog posts for Chicago Web designers, you can often find me behind a camera. I’m not a professional photographer by any means – just a girl with an expensive hobby. But when I noticed that a number of photos a friend and I had taken at a local restaurant had somehow made their way to the restaurant’s business website, I knew something was wrong. Our names were credited at the bottom of each Web page, but the fact remained that no one had asked permission to use our photos on the site....more
 @alexash Thanks for your comment. Too many people think the Internet is a free-for-all, which ...more

Prominent Food Blogger Discovers Plagiarized Ebook

The constant war against content scrapers and plagiarism on the web has become a standard annoyance for food bloggers, whether they have large or small readerships. But this week, Elise Bauer of the popular food blog Simply Recipes (which is a member of the BlogHer Publishing Network) discovered a new twist on the phenomenon: an ebook "author" had stolen pasta recipes and photos from her site and repackaged them for sale via's Kindle Store....more
eek, that is crazy!! new to the blogging community and haven't really thought about these issues.more

Urban Outfitters and its ilk only make artists better

The large company could take artist Stevie Koerner's i heart _____ jewelry design, but they couldn't steal her coolness factor....more

In today's world, companies can't usually get away with ripping off artists. There's too much ...more

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Intellectual Property, and Us

This MLK day, I am sharing a public radio broadcast I heard on WWNO in New Orleans Saturday, "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Public Imagination." ...more

Very true. The poem, Remembering a Life, holds so great a message that allows it to fit any ...more

My copyright and my copy place

Like many artists, I have a copy place where I'm a regular. I make most prints of my work there and also use their services to ship paintings. It's safe to say that many of the people who work there don't know my name but they do know my work....more

Fair Use Dos and Don'ts: What Bloggers Can Learn From "Twilight"

Whether you are a novice solo blogger or a seasoned online community entrepreneur, you've got to stay on top of the laws of fair use -- the rules governing how much of someone else's work you can copy for comment or other purposes. And that's a challenge, because not even the US Copyright office itself can give you a simple definition. Here's a list of dos and don'ts that will likely keep you safe. ...more
what about using photographs? say i want to blog about the oscars, so i find images online and ...more