Smart like Mom

My husband and I are smart about different areas of life. I've always been happy about that, because I think we round each other out nicely - I know stuff he doesn't know and vice versa. I remembered being elated about our intelligence balance when we had our son, because I imagined all the various ways we could teach him what we knew....more

The Line Between Smart and a Know-It-All

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel Today's Prompt: Why is know-it-all an insult, but intelligence is a compliment? ...more
JanetCoburn I can identify Janet, I think smart-ass is a badge of honor AND a sign of a smart ...more

Sapiosexual Seeks Same

If I were ever to write a personals ad, this is what it would say:Sapiosexual Seeks Same...more

Don't worry, Mom. I'm fine.

When I was a teenager and living with my Mom, I felt very responsible. She worked long hours and I was frequently home alone. I cooked, cleaned, was a good student and never gave her much reason to worry about me....more

Do you trust people easily? You're probably quite smart.

I always thought of it more as intuition, but a new study out of the UK says that intelligent people are more likely to trust others. Maybe it's that intelligence helps you gather facts and draw conclusions from your evaluations. Either way, I'm happy to read this piece and plan to print it out to show my husband. He's always telling me I'm "too trusting" of everyone and that I need more "street smarts." (The only "street smarts" I acquired in Vermont was how to drive in snow.)Here's what I read:

Understanding why Einstein's brain is so amazing

Yes, I said "is" instead of "was" when referring to Einstein's brain. Why? It's still in existence. In fact, I believe it's in jars in several places right now - albeit in thin slices.Pop quiz:Einstein's (living) brain was:A. Larger than averageB. Lacked the parietal operculum (a specific small wrinkle)C. Enlarged inferior parietal lobesD. More connections between the brain's hemispheres ANSWER: B, C and DA. Einstein's brain was actually smaller than average, which obviously has nothing to do with IQ....more

I Knew There Was A Problem When I Came Home and Found the Babysitter Tied Up

Dear babysitter who thinks because my son has special needs that means he’s sweet and easy.When I told you about my son’s issues during our interview, I don’t think you were listening to me. You were so perky and shiny and a tad bit condescending. “Oh yes, I worked with special needs kids in summer camp.” But you know what babysitter? All special needs kids are not a like....more

High IQ linked to ability to block out distractions

Do you fancy yourself a genius?If so, (assuming you're correct!), you're likely very good at blocking out distractions.A new study found that very intelligent people have a great filtering system when it comes to visual movement.The study found that people with high IQ could easily and quickly identify small bars going across a screen, but they were the slowest at identifying large bars going across the screen. It's the first non-verbal and culturally unbiased tool to measure intelligence.Here's the summary:...more

Minnesota Public Radio on brain training

This is a pretty interesting piece on Minnesota Public Radio about brain training and raising IQ.One of the guests is Dan Hurley, a science journalist who wrote an extensive article about brain training in The New York Times and who is writing a book about the subject.Another guest is a mom who put her adopted child through brain training with LearningRx and saw great results....more