5 Simple and NOT Annoying Kick Butt New Year's Intentions for You to Consider

"This year I'm going to....." The new year brings all sorts of motivation and excitement for many of us about making changes, resolutions and intentions. ...more

Sometimes I Want Funyuns

My eating habits aren’t too bad. They’d need to be better if I cared more about six-pack abs than general happiness, but I do not—so for what I value most, I do pretty well. For me, the quickest way to make life less lovely, is to wake up day after day with food restrictions....more

Focus is all you need to achieve your Desires

If you only can do one thing in your life to achieve your desires, focus is all that you need. Just by focusing your attention on your desires, setting your intentions, sets you on the path to achieve all that you want. Sounds so simple because it is. It isn't just enough to want something or say that you want something, you need to focus all your attention on your desire your goal to bring it to fruition. Without focus nothing happens.  ...more

An Epiphany

A resolution post about not making resolutions?...more

Once you're clear...

I’ve been talking with clients and business partners recently about what happens once we’re clear, once we’ve done our “due diligence” and we clearly know what we want....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” You’re Very Clear In Your Intentions 3-15-12

Use discretion today in choosing your friends or jobs/work out of financial need.It’s in your best interest to make those choices deliberately and with conscious thinking, rather than with impulses, such as fear or scarcity mentality.Opposing Energies: fear, worry, argumentsScarcity mentality will serve only lack in your life, thereby reducing your productive path.Wide Awake Words™ for today: stability, power, value, gratitude, dedication...more

A puzzle, a song, and a dance

February is almost here and I think I might set some goals for the month.  Not so much goals, as intentions.  That somehow seems less intimidating and more likely to happen.January has been a good month.  It's been minus twenty and below most of the month so we've been inside a lot, but overall, it's been okay.  Our house has been relatively picked up.  The kids have done some art projects.  We've had friends over for dinner and some kids over to play.  I've managed to blog almost every day.  Our water runs and our heaters work....more
@edavis I think it is a nice way for he and I to pass a quiet time, and a glass of Old Vine ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Paying Attention to Your Intentions 1-14-12

Plans are developing quickly.Being focused and clear about your goals will bring deals to successful closures.Opposing Energies: closed-mindedness, procrastination, resistanceToday is the day you manifest success in your business dealings, perhaps more than you planned!Think on your feet, and flow with your concepts and ideas, as they are well received.Wide Awake Words™ for today: allowing, growth, optimistic...more