I'm Not A Sex Goddess and That's Okay

My biggest problem is getting over the sexual rejection. There's a lot of hurt still lurking under the surface. I'm terrified to initiate sex because what if I get rejected? I have it so built up in my head that it would be in the end of the world, but I need to learn to separate my past from what's happening now, in the present. Maybe someday I will be a sex kitten. But for now, I'm just a girl who had her first orgasm from oral sex at the age of 28. ...more
@Valerie Venuti Kochanowicz Yes, I do agree that there is a lot of emphasis placed on orgasms. I ...more

Things You Don't Tell Your Doctor (But Should)

Great article-- I confess I am guilty, guilty of withholding information. I want to make 2 ...more

Why Married Sex Is Hot Sex: Yes, You Read That Right

iVillage recently released a survey of 2,000 married women that asked: How often do you have sex? And please, girlfriend, don't pretend you're not dying to know. ...more
OK, i totally need to comment on the "batteries" tip above.  COMPLETELY AGREE!   We started ...more