The Charter for Compassion - can it help change the world?

In February of 2008, Karen Armstrong made a very big wish. It came true this month. Her wish was to assemble the thoughts from people around the world and to have global religious leaders develop a "Charter For Compassion" that would inspire action and change. ...more

You are very kind. I appreciate your telling me that you like what you read. It really does ...more

He’s Greek Orthodox, You’re Not.

After ten years of dating, Ana and Craig finally tied the knot. Now less than a year later, they are calling it quits. The young couple met in New York City through mutual friends when they were first launching their careers, far away from friends and family. “Back then it’s like we were living in our own bubble and the minute we got married it burst,” says Ana. ...more

Career Coaching Icon's New Book Echoes Our Collective Migration from Craving "Success" to Seeking "Meaning"

I first heard of Laura Berman Fortgang about 12 years ago, when I worked at Time Warner and enjoyed a perk of working for a large media company: Free magazines. Laura was featured in a business article about a new, emerging practice called career coaching. As a business and career writer, this was an area of interest to me, new ways of doing well at work. ...more

One Thirty Nine - New Song I Wrote (w/ Audio!)   I'm working on memorizing Psalm 139, so it's been on my mind lately. A little melody came to mind this afternoon, and the words (although they may need a bit more tweaking) came together  like this: CLICK HERE to listen to me singing! ...more

Honoring Jewess Bloggers on Passover

When I was about ten years old, a Messianic Jew came to our Lutheran Church and taught us how to celebrate Pesach (Passover) by holding a Seder meal. My parents were captivated by the ritual: the lifting of the afikomen, the passing of the bitter herbs, the salt water on the tongue. ...more

So thank you for kicking it off.

I'm procrastinating on making the kosher le pesach ...more