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The March of Cards....

I love cards...handwritten notes, Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards...Birthday Cards. I love 'em....more

Christmas in My House

This month always brings with it a lot of conversation for families of all faiths.  It is no different for InterFaith Families.  I wrote for about our family: ...more

They Kept Responding - Mail from Hasbro

In the midst of all that was happening, Hasbro kept responding.  I have moved on, but I thought that you might be wondering if all that letter writing was worth it.  So, here is what else they had to say in response.
Thanks Denise!more

The Winner of the 10th Annual Brass Crescent Award

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Hasbro Responds, A Letter from the Global Chief Marketing Officer

Dear Kristina, Thank you for sharing your feedback on Hasbro’s Magic Jinn game. Hasbro
Well. That was a let down. I clicked, all excited that they might have said something useful. Darn.more

We Belong

The point of posting the letter to Hasbro here was not to gather people to cheer me on.  It wasn’t even to see how many people agreed with me. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you a problem in my life that wouldn’t have been a problem if I wasn’t living Islamically. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you how I dealt with this problem. I could have done it all without sharing, yes....more

My Response to "How Can We Live?"

This morning, I read a post over on Grow Mama Grow. When I read this question: "How can I laugh when a bereaved mother in Cairo is crying? " I felt compelled to comment. Below is my response. ...more

An Introduction to My Islamic Life

I have been with my husband for 18 years. I have 3 children, whose ages range from 14 - 9. Two of my children attend Islamic School full time; the other is in public school. I grew up in a minimally observant Lutheran household. I've been studying Islam for our entire marriage so that I can work with my husband to make sure our children are raised in a strong, religious environment. That being said, I do not feel called to convert. My husband does not have a problem with this.  ...more
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