My Friend but Not My Girl -- Intergenerational Friendships

I’ve been thinking about intergenerational friendships in recent weeks, specifically about the nature of such friendships. Over the past three months, I have learned that despite what I thought was a seamless closeness with friends several years my junior, there were in fact boundaries to the depth of our friendships on their part. I am their friend -- yes -- but I am not now, nor will I ever be “their girl.” Perhaps this is as it should be, but it is a bit dismaying nonetheless. ...more

I don't know that I have any definitive things to say on this topic except that I've finally ...more

Yes, Virginia, a Friendship is Starting!

BlogHer Community Manager, Denise Tanton, announced an experiment. She would match up volunteer Contributing Editors who were about a decade apart and give us a week or so to get to know each other, and to report back on what the inter-generational journey had been like. Viginia DeBolt and I volunteered and were paired. Virginia writes about Web & Technology, and I write about Religion & Spirituality. ...more

Well, Virginia and I had fun and are off and running forward into a lovely new friendship. ...more