It's All About the Details: Cased Openings

What can we do with interior openings that can have an impact?  One way to treat an interior opening is to finish them off with casing, known in the interior design world as a cased opening.  The definition of cased openings states it is "an interior doorway or opening with all the trim and molding installed without the door or closure" (Dictionary of Construction). ...more

Fourth of July: Red, White & Blue

Going with the American theme I started yesterday, I thought I'd bring to you some interiors that use red, white, and blue!  While we all know these colors are in our nations flag, they weren't selected for their meaning....more

High Point Market: Made in America

I know many of you are getting ready for the Fourth; we are down here in Houston.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Patriot, and so very proud to be an American.  To live in a country where we have so many liberties and rights is such a blessing, and so often we forget that....more

Pretty in Pink

Pink is typically known as a girly color that most men aren't a huge fan of.  But every now and then, you will find a man who doesn't mind a little femininity in their home.  Pink is a beautiful pigment that when used in design it can produce a beautifully designed space....more

Interior Design Color Trend: Black and White

A big color trend that we are seeing in the interior design world is the combination of black and white.  Black and white was everywhere during Fall Fashion Week 2012, showcasing Spring 2013 fashion trends.  And you may remember my post on Christy's trip to Brizo's Fashion Week Event, Jason Wu's runway show for Spring 2013 consisted mainly of a black and white color scheme. ...more

Palm Leaf Inspiration from Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and Palm Sunday for many Christians marks the beginning of Holy Week, the week before Jesus died on the cross.  As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the people waved palm leaves in the air and laid down their coats and palm leaves on the ground.  Thus palm leaves have become an important motif in Christianity. ...more

Products to Love: Pearson Furniture

One furniture line I love is Pearson Furniture, and I have posted on them several times sharing with you their showroom at High Point, new introductions from High Point, etc. ...more

Black & White Interior Inspiration

What do you think about adding black to a total-white home? I love to wear black and I love black accessories but I’ve always been a little bit uncertain about home décor, especially if we’re talking about a completely white one…well, I had to make up my mind when I saw these interiors: ...more

Spring Decor Trends 2012

Spring is in the air...I can just feel it! And bright colors are being seen all over the interior design and fashion world right now. And with this unseasonably warm winter the thought of cold weather makes me shudder. Cold weather is no longer welcome in my book:). I'm absolutely loving that the flowers are beginning to bloom, if they haven't bloomed already. The tulips, daffodils, azaleas, etc are creeping in....more
I like craig duncan's living room, really lovely. Like the green color theme, its very refreshing!more