Homophobia: why are heterosexuals afraid of homosexuality?

Are you homophobic? I am surprised by the number of people who still struggle with this fear. Don't worry, because I have also struggled with it.Today, I am looking for your feedback. If you struggle with homosexuality or if you know someone who does, I would welcome your opinon....more

Internalized Homophobia is Just Heteronormativity in a Big Gay Package

A few months ago, we spent an evening babysitting our good friends' five and seven year old children. They're great kids, and as usual we enjoyed spending time with them; we played games, we fed them junk food, we read them books, we let them stay up pasted their bed time....fun was had by all. But unlike any of the other times we've babysat for them, that last time was a bit of an eyeopener. That evening, we got a glimpse at just how deep the tendrils of heteronormativity reach....more

Developmentally, most children don't process abstract thoughts until pre-adolescence / ...more