Leap of Faith

There are few things in life that require us to close our eyes, hold our breath and leap.  Very few.  Most every decision we make in our life, we have the ability to make informed decisions.  What do I want to be when we grow up?  Should I take a job with that particular company?  Do I really want to marry this guy?...more

Delivery By FedEx and Delta Air Lines

Many of my friends have children and I have heard all the stories about their water breaking, labor pains and the mad dash to the hospital.  They go on to tell me in detail how dilated they were and how they weren’t supposed to push.  Then through their emotional tears they tell me about the final push and how this little miracle of life came into the world.  It is always a moving story and I am very happy for them as I hold their little bundle of joy....more

The House of Polar Opposites

I have two daughters and they are both adopted.  Elle is 11 and she was adopted from Kursk, Russia when she was nine months old.  Bunny is five and she was adopted from Guatemala.As you can imagine, they are nothing alike. ...Continue Lanita Mosshttp://amothershood.comhttp://www.birthbypaperwork.com...more

The Road to Hell, Haiti, and the Baptists

When the American group was arrested for trying to bring Haitian children over the border into the Dominican Republic last week I literally screamed at my television.  Among my shouts were “Are you nuts” and “Think before you act”.  Their actions played right into the “international adoption equal child trafficking” argument that I railed against in last week’s blog.  Everything about this case is confusing, and the more ...more

Should We Adopt From Haiti? Should We Not? Yes.

In the weeks since the January 12th earthquake that rocked the island of Haiti, there has been a tremendous increase in adoption inquiries.  As the rest of the world watches, we cannot help but hurt and hope and desperately seek ways to help.  Pictures of orphans and news stories of destruction cause us all to want to grab a passport and come home with as many children possible.It is normal.Yet, it is not practical.  At this point in time, it is also not best.  ...more

The situation in Haiti is not new.  Evrytime a disaster occurs we want to help, we need ...more

An Unimaginable Decision

Can loving your child ever mean letting him go? ...more

I love your last point: It is so easy to compare stories such as Tedaldi’s with our own ...more

Culinary Adventures with a 3-year-old from China

We've now been home almost 2 months with GG, age 3, from China. Our pre-adoption reports said that he will eat anything. That is either entirely wrong or only applies to food eaten in China. ...more