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Web Success Team-Top Take-A-Ways to Build Trust Online

Trust is one of the most important yet overlooked “intangibles” on the Internet. However, it is key to a decision makers’ mindset whether to give your offerings serious consideration. The Internet is littered with amazing claims and broken promises. So what can you do to instill confidence or trust when a viewer lands on you site looking for a needed product or service? Here are a few guidelines to follow to build trust and increase your sales:  ...more

Momspotting: Dear Product Manager, Can You Make Me THIS?

This week in Momspotting, I noticed some cries for help to the captains of industry.If only. If only.Electrolux? Are you listening?...more

here is the vision:

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You Want to Google What?

My seven-year old son came home the other day and pulled a notepad out of his backpack. “This is a list of words we can search, if we have the kind of computer that can connect to the Internet,” he explained. Of course, he already knows our computer can go online. Duh… As a blogger, I’m constantly online. Besides updating my own site,, I follow dozens of other blogs, along with checking Facebook regularly (okay, hourly!). By the time I’ve finished my first cup of coffee each morning, I’ve probably checked three different email accounts, sifting through the assortment of spam — Free shipping! Friends and Family Sale! Enter Our Sweepstakes! Impress Your Lady With Your Size! — e-list digests, and a few actual personal messages.    But my initial reaction to my son’s request to do research online is, Hey, wait a minute there! Why didn’t the teacher say something about this earlier? Is this age- appropriate? After all, these kids are only in second grade. ...more

Baby, You Don't Poke Me Anymore: How Social Media Complicates Relationships

Socially, we are more mobile than we have ever been before. But digitally, we are now more connected than we have been for a long time. No longer are geographic moves tearing our social ties apart. We now inhabit more than a physical space—we are also living in the Cloud. ...more

"Social" networks are over rated.  It is like we are slowly teaching ourselves how to ...more

Dazed and Bemused

The first thing you’re going to learn about me while reading this blog is that I am an internet geek.   ...more

Press Release: PBS Newshour website features H1N1 experts and resource guide for “Anatomy of a Pandemic”

“PBS NEWSHOUR” WEBSITE FEATURES H1N1 EXPERTSAND RESOURCE GUIDE FOR “ANATOMY OF A PANDEMIC”— Interviews, Latest News, Local and National Resources Featured in Companion Website to PBS Flu Special that Airs Nationwide on December 14 —WASHINGTON, D.C....more

First-time Internet users see beneficial brain activation

If you were worried that your Internet use is hurting your brain, a new study seems to imply otherwise. Researchers at UCLA studied middle-aged and older adults with little experience on the Web and found that after just one week of "surfing" the Internet, they triggered several regions of the brain....more

Access to the Internet is a Privilege Not a Right

I saw something the other day that I had to reread a couple of times to be sure I understood it correctly:...more

Some Suprising Facts about CyberBullying and Children's Online Safety

Predators seeking and stalking children online.  A parent's nightmare.  As scary as it sounds, the most typical case of a child being solicited online (i.e....more