Woe is Interwebs

My parents live way the hell out in the country. Their internet is delivered via carrier pigeon. On a good day, there is a significant amount of lag time for a page to load, as if you had traveled in time back to 1995 AOL dialup. On a bad day, your computer is a fancy typewriter, sunshine.I just spent most of a week with my parents and every day was a bad internet day.I became a little nuts, as can be evinced by the following log of those bleak days: ...more

Talking Teenage Internet Addiction

He sat uncomfortably, chewing the inside of his cheek, eyes shifting between us with a look that bounced from nervous to annoyed to nervous....more

Are You Addicted to the Internet? Take a Test and Find Out

Time magazine reported recently on a study that found Internet addiction can cause people to suffer withdrawal symptoms similar to the reaction of those addicted to substances such as alcohol or drugs.  Internet addiction is defined as a "heavy user" who allows their Internet usage to affect their social or work life. ...more
I have the additional problem of having to do all my work and run my business through the ...more

Internet Use Disorder: Do We Need An Intervention?

"Inter-nuts!" screams the New York Post. "Web addiction a new psych illness." The way they put it, we're all in dire need of an intervention. But before you check yourself in for treatment of your newly-minted "Internet Use Disorder," consider the facts. ...more
Online participation, whether it is passive or active, could be construed as addiction by anyone ...more

Electronic Nannying (Or Why I Dislike Using TV)

It seems to be a no-brainer – no parent really wants their kids in front of the TV all the time. But yet, kids these days are growing up very “plugged in”, from learning to type before they learn to write, from knowing how to use an iPad at the age of 2, from being able to memorize the entire Treehouse TV lineup by the time they’re 4 (Professor, I’m looking at you!). The fact of the matter is, electronics have a huge part in our kids’ lives nowadays – and it can be detrimental to their health and mental well-being....more

100 Words Replay 29

Right now, I should be cleaning our messy house or working in our unkempt yard. Right now, I should be sorting out a basket full of receipts and bills and things to be filed. Right now, I should be doing some kind of workout or going for a walk on this lovely summer evening. Right now, I could be out enjoying dinner and a movie with my husband. Right now, I could be chatting over a coffee with a good friend. Right now, I could be reading a great book. Right now, I am glued to the computer, completely addicted. ...more

My Name is LZ, and I'm an Internetaholic

Once the girls are in bed for the night and the house is reasonably picked up, the first thing I reach for is my laptop. I need to check in, moderate comments, read blogs, return comments, read the celeb gossip, and a multitude of other vital tasks. It is always usually met with an eyeroll from J. “I just got home, do you really need to be doing that right now?” Uh…yeah. My ‘work’ day just ended, and I want to unwind. 3 hours later, he has left the room. Is he still ...more

Especially no. 11  ;-)