Online Dating Horror Story #1: Don't be Cruel...

  I've been divorced a long time and have done online dating for about 12 years....more

Finding Mr. Right, again.

As a widow of 21/2 years having had the most amazing 34 love affair I wanted to die when my sweet man left me after 3 years with stage 4 lung cancer. I was devistated and  heart broken, however, I remember my husband and I discussing our wish not to stay alone after one another's passing....more

'Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed.' The Bizarre World of Internet Dating

Today I am going to share a dating story with you.  Without embellishment it could fill seats at the Odean Leicester Square!I should probably point out  that I am nearer to 50 than I am to 40 and should definitely know better.....I had been on for a number of weeks with a few single dates under my belt (note I didn't say below my belt) but not much to write home (or here) about....more

Internet Dating Advice for Men from an Aging Single Girl

If you’re a guy, you might think that telling a woman on an internet dating site that you are excited to get to know her and you think she might be “the one” would light her up, right?  Wrong!  What lights up are the flashing red lights.While I’d love a forever partner with all the qualities important to me who thinks I’m the best thing that ever happened to him - Who doesn’t want that?  - I want it to be real!  That is to say I want to be known for who I am before someone makes those declarations.  ...more

Internet Dating: Finding online love in the day of the computer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

It seems as if finding a significant other online is the way of the present.  I remember when women and men used to lower their voice to a whisper when telling you they are dating or in love with someone they met online.  It was deemed, at first, that they were somehow desperate if that is how they met the love of their life.  There was a certain level of skepticism about the reality that the person was actually who they said they were.  Importantly, there was concern about safety.  All of those were and are legitimate.  ...more
Ha, yes, you must be talking about me :) Sorry it took me so long to read this Elaine!   I met ...more


DEC6MATCH.COM- ANSWERING EMAILS 2nd day in and I've decided to actually answer some of these 48 emails.  Not the ones that are ridiculous!  There are many of those!  Can you believe that men actually start with 'Hey Baby.'  Really?...more

The Imperfect Art of Selection

According to he genius of modern computer match-making software – The following candidate, located in Rome, was recently emailed to me as a ‘HOT pick’ from one of the 2 web-dating sites I had recently subscibed to. Therefore the moral of this blog post will be: Never entrust a computer with the selection of potential dates/partners.I would likely have a far more substantial problem with this particular selection had I actually paid for my ad. But Nonetheless, read on and you too shall weep.Note - Original bad grammar left in tact for added effect:...more

'Special friends' and the prevalent ICK-factor

'The Continental:' My claim to shame as I have dated one. ...more

Internet dating advice for boys...

Some of my online friends have been internet dating...I again want to say good luck with that. I have opted out of the internet dating scene due to bad choices and preferring to be single for the rest. of. my. life. rather than try it again... But since I adore all you girls that are giving it a whirl, I thought I might try and help the boys out a little bit while filling in their profiles, so here is my advice's good advice, take it...really. All the examples I am using are from real life profiles ... be afraid. ...more