How We Launched Our Six-Year-Old's Online Presence

No, actually, it might just be me. But in any case, I'm going to pass on our current techniques for maintaining internet safety as our children reach the next stage of digital awareness, covering general device settings, our arrangements for gmail, Skype, twitter and wordpress, and resources for teaching about online safety and etiquette. ...more
Thanks Jenny. Yes, I'm too scared to wait til they're teens - they wouldn't be comfortable with ...more

6 Ways to Better Your Family Lifestyle Over the Summer

It's been said that practice and consistency are the best way to improve upon a habit. Why not take advantage of the extra time you have this summer to better your family lifestyle? Here are 6 awesome little courses offered on Udemy that you can take quickly and get started on improving during the summer; so when the new school year rolls around you and your family feel more organized, healthier, at ease, and possibly even happier!...more

Revenge Porn and Other Social Nightmares

Thursday night, I watched my first-ever Lifetime movie.  It was called Social Nightmare. The premise was simple: a high-school girl with ivy-league aspirations has her dreams annihilated by someone posing as her on social media. She spills friends’ secrets online, signs her best friend up for a ‘sugar daddy’ dating site, and finds digital pictures of her in her underwear coursing through the school’s halls like lightning....more
We'll never be able to escape explicit photo scandals online, but posting personal details takes ...more

Internet Safety Is Not A Technology Problem, It Is A Parenting Problem

A recent story about a teen romance gone wrong, had reportedly started on Xbox. Now their parents and police say the four Iowa teens have run away from their homes. Two teenage girls from Shellsburg and two teenage boys from Atlantic went missing in what police think may have been a plotted escape.One of the boy’s mothers said, “I don’t let him have a Facebook account because I don’t want him meeting people online.” She added, “I didn’t realize they could do so much on Xbox.”...more

Internet Predator-Proof your Kids

Internet predators are usually men posing as youths to get access to children/tweens/teens on-line or, even worse, in-person.  They are brilliant at talking the talk to gain their victims’ trust.  They study sites frequented by youths and learn all the lingo so they can fit right in.  They spend hours and hours on-line “fishing” for potential victims.  They know more about your children’s activities on-line than you do....more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?Ask your Child to Explain Safety on the Internet! BY AUTHOR MELINDATRIPP ON JUNE 11, 2012 Make a list of all of the safety factors you think your child should know about the Internet. Every child has heard bits and pieces of Internet Safety. Find out by asking your child what they already know. What do they personally do to keep safe on the Internet? Then get ready to fill in the blanks! pages 64-66 What Should You Do? Share this: Press This Twitter Facebook4...more
Hear, hear, this comes at a perfect time. My two grandsons, ages 9 and 10, have just started ...more

Internet Dating: Finding online love in the day of the computer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

It seems as if finding a significant other online is the way of the present.  I remember when women and men used to lower their voice to a whisper when telling you they are dating or in love with someone they met online.  It was deemed, at first, that they were somehow desperate if that is how they met the love of their life.  There was a certain level of skepticism about the reality that the person was actually who they said they were.  Importantly, there was concern about safety.  All of those were and are legitimate.  ...more
Ha, yes, you must be talking about me :) Sorry it took me so long to read this Elaine!   I met ...more

Craigslist Scammers Ship Checks Via FedEx

FedEx isn’t responsible for this scam, but their brand unintentionally lends credibility to the scammers, who reference FedEx in their scammy emails, knowing that aligning with FedEx helps their scam proliferate. It’s an insidious ruse that hurts all involved. FedEx can and should deny suspicious online transactions. Moneygram and Western Union could also make some effort to deter scammers. It’s hard to weed out the bad guys, but there are technologies that help....more

Are We Contributing To The Exploitation Of Our Kids??

With the resurgence of Attachment Parenting and helicopter moms (continuously hovering), I am shocked at how we are in denial about the dangers of social networking for our kids. I know moms who wore their babies, who stayed at home with their kids, who wouldn't allow babysitters for fear of predators and now they seem to turn a blind eye to their kids' social networking habits. ...more

Social and safe online

When I was a kid, a long, long time ago, back when America was still known for making stuff and before the term "politically correct" existed, I remember the closes thing to a social network in my youthful world was a phone number you could call and hear more than a dozen voices calling out there numbers to try and make a more personal connection.  My little girlfriend and I used to sneak Playboy magazines out of one of our dad's closets (I won't say who, so to protect both the guilty and the innocent) and we'd read the stats off the page to meet men that were much too old for us, assu...more