How to Get Your Child Started with Surfing the Internet

Advances in computer technology allow our children to utilize new resources. However, these advances also leave them vulnerable to harmful online content and cyberbullies. Check out this article for some useful tips on what steps to take when you allow your kids to surf the web....more

The New COPPA Rules: What Parents Need to Know

Did you know that it's illegal for kids to have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail accounts.  Not a rule.  A Federal regulation.   As of July 1st,  that regulation - the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act -  is going to change. ...more

Kids And The Internet

Welcome to the age of kid on the internet. From site such as Starfall and Headsprout for the younger set to Facebook and Twitter, for those over 13. The internet can be both a wonderful wealth of education to a downright scary place. We can connect with people we have not spoken with in years, as well as meet new people that become our lifelong friends. And, of course, there are online organizations like The Mommies Network, that connect moms of all walks of life for support and more!...more

Just wanted to say this was a really great read!So informative! I really love seeing other moms ...more

How Do We Protect Our Kids in Cyberspace? The Old Fashioned Way

My son came home the other day and told me he heard from his college advisor thatcolleges now check out various social media sites to determine what kids are posting about themselves and others. I told him not to worry, his grandmother checks his Facebook page everyday to make sure he doesn’t post something he’ll regret. “I knew I shouldn’t have friended her,” he said only half jokingly. ...more

"The best thing I can do to protect my children is to teach them to behave responsibly and ...more

Internet Safety Month and Yahoo Survey

This month, June 2010, is National Internet Safety month. Ever since the Internet has entered our lives, our world has changed, for better and worse. Along with all of the wonderful things that we can now learn, see and do, there are a host of problems that we must learn how to deal with. Internet safety, privacy and cyberbullying are very big issues lately, especially for families with kids. ...more