100 Words: Behind the Keyboard

I am continually astounded by the freedom some people seem to feel while hiding behind the safe anonymity of an internet screen name... the freedom to be rude, unkind, even downright cruel to their fellow human beings. I have a difficult time understanding what on earth possesses them to treat others with such disrespect, as if they had forgotten that they were speaking to an actual person, and not just a collection of typed words on a screen. Then again, perhaps these people are like this in their everyday lives when meeting others face to face? A frightening prospect indeed... ...more

Write like nobody cares about your life.

A lovely fellow took time out of his day to comment on my blog, asking the question ” Do you think that people really care about your life?”Very good point Robert.And no. I don’t.And honestly, I am with you Robert. I wonder that often myself, so trust me when I tell you that in the journey of starting to blog it was very difficult coming to terms with writing stories that no one would really care about.It felt egotistical. Obsessive.It felt very, very weird....more
But "HE READ IT" LOLmore

The Irrational Rationalization of Fat Phobia

Today in more totally not surprising news about fat shaming, it turns out that if formerly fat teens develop eating disorders to the point of damaging their health but become “thin”, their eating disorders are completely ignored. Why? Because they don’t have gelatinous thighs anymore and are thus axiomatically healthy, of course! Don’t you people know that skinny is the only sign of health?? Medical professionals know that thin people are always fit as fiddles!*seethe*...more

Don't Become Internet Scum, Son

But, dear son, I hope most of all that you do not turn into the vile creatures that seem to loom in the bottom of the internet. I will love you, of course, because a mother's love is enduring, but I can't say that I will support you. No, I know I will not support you, and I will expect that you will take accountability for your actions should you find yourself mingling with such disgusting scum. Because, yes, that is what they are, these people who lurk in the crevices of the internet and believe their needs trump the basic rights of others. They are scum, and you should know that, first and foremost. ...more

How To Spot An Internet Troll

Ah, the Internet.  It’s the foundation for so many beautiful things.  Communities of mothers who learn from each other, a virtual treasure trove of recipes and craft ideas, and a phenomenal way to share updates with friends and family all across the globe.  It’s also how I met my husband, but that’s a story for another time....more

Is Your Blog Stalked by Trolls? Here's Why

I belong to a group of mom bloggers and it is not uncommon for one of us to Facebook the rest of us and ask for "nice comments" on a post to offset the vitriol being vomited upon the comment section by trolls. Not sure what trolls are? They're those shadowy internet lurkers who visit blogs seemingly with the sole intention of shredding the blogger. They take issue with the content, the POV, the writing style, sometimes even the gender of the writer....more
wqbelle Just read the article. Pretty much what I've assumed about trolls all along. ...more