100 Words: For #InternetFriendDay

A note to my "imaginary" friends... some things I want you to know: I appreciate you for your kindness, your caring... for the way you step up and give and share and love with such willing generosity. I appreciate you for your sense of humour, your openness to fun... for sharing laughs and silliness and seeing the comical side of things, even (particularly?) in the midst of tension. I appreciate you for your opinions, your perspective... for encouraging me to think outside the parameters of my reality. I appreciate you, so much more than you can know. You are loved. ...more

Thank the Friends You've Met Online for #InternetFriendDay

Do you know why #InternetFriendDay is trending on Twitter?  Because today is the day that we give a huge verbal hug to the friends we've met online.  Those people that you met through your blog.  Or the ones that you started following on Twitter just because they were funny, but that connection bloomed into a friendship.  The people you waited all year to see at the annual BlogHer conference, and then stayed up all night talking to in your hotel room. Those people. ...more
Melissa Ford Likewise, my dear Real Life friend whom I stalked -- er found -- on the Internet. ...more