How to Not Be the ‘Bad Internship’

Every college student has one. The cringingly uncomfortable, self-esteem questioning, coffee-grabbing internship that breaks them into the working world. I really do believe that these kinds of internships are lessening by the day as companies begin to come to their senses and respect the college students they bring in to their business homes. But just to be sure we’ve all moved past the archaic coffee-order-dictating internship of the dark ages, here are three ways to make sure your business is not some poor college student’s "bad internship" experience....more

Treat your interns well, they may hire you someday

I’ve recently been in the position of having two former interns hire me for on-going projects. A friend and contemporary of my daughter’s has hired me to write grants for his new non-profit. I’ve also had a former secretary give me a great lead for another project. Yet another former secretary/protégé is ascending the corporate ladder and I fully expect her to hire me to do something one day. (I encouraged her to attend her first college course, gave her time off to do so, and she has now graduated.) ...more

Fortune Cookie Friends and Creative Entrepreneurs

So I am sure everyone has heard buzz about Twitter and why it’s so great. Well here is a personal example of why I think it is amazing. I tweeted about my fortune cookie message: Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny. About three hours later, FortuneKookie Crew from Chicago followed me on Twitter. Their goal: “We like to follow people who tweet fortune messages!” Where else but Twitter? ...more