It's Not Just About Making Tea!

Landing a dream internship often leads to compromising on the type of work you are willing to do. You have rights to learn as an intern, not just be treated like an unpaid tea-person. Finding the right placement can be instrumental in achieving your career dreams but that doesn't mean it's ok to settle for the grunt work! ...more

Spot a Bad Boss at the Interview Phase

As seen on the Huffington Post: I have a funny story: I’m on my lunch break.Oh, that’s not funny enough for you? You are so demanding.Fine. How about this: I’ve been on this particular lunch break since 2004....more

What I Learned By Burning a Bridge

As you might know by now, I very recently reached out to my former boss who fired me from my first college internship 14 years ago. And in the most amazing, fortuitous, even weird twist of fate, we are working together again, not in that hierarchical intern/employer relationship, but as colleagues; perhaps even better than our rekindled collegial relationship, we consider each other friends....more

My New York Internship: The Job That Was Not a Job

I was making, roughly, $70 a night as a waitress. Two hundred dollars sounded amazing. This sounded like a golden opportunity hovering in the air, just waiting for me to seize it. ... Part of the Women @ Work series, sponsored by AFL-CIO. ...more
If only you could share their real details so that others could avoid the same fate!more

College Students: Get Organized Now to Nab an Internship

by Sarah Welch and Alicia RockmoreGiven the dismal state of the economy these days, internships are becoming an increasingly important part of student life. In fact, some colleges, like Northeastern University in Boston, have made internships part of their four-year curriculum....more

Hot time, summer in the city

After weeks of waffling between cold rains and random warm days, it seems like summer is pretty much officially here in DC. We've had a stretch of days with temperatures into the 80s, humidity first thing in the morning, and hot breezes into the late evening. Here we go!...more

40 Years of Lessons in 30 Days: Day 11

Lesson #11 – Work For Free Yes, as in no pay. ...more

Obama Admin: Why We Shouldn't Regulate Internships

Imagine that you're graduating from college soon. With unemployment at 10 percent, do you have a chance of getting a job when competing with experienced workers? What are your options? For many recent college graduates, they take internships. It's not ideal, but it often gives new workers experience and puts their foot in the door when openings do come up. That option may not exist much longer. ...more

I think this is rather misleading. Are you aware there is criteria for-profits must follow ...more

Urban Interns

Saying that I have very strong feelings about what interning can do for one's career is a gross understatement. While I can only base this on personal experience but I do think that internships and those first jobs - even the most inane that include 'Xeroxing' as a skill - are a solid foundation for a career. Living in DC for six years all of which were spent attempting to build some sort of career even if it meant enjoying hors d'oeuvres at fundraisers because they were free and free lukewarm calamari is way better than Ramen; presented me with options. ...more

How I'm Graduating College Debt Free

Since I've been in college I've actually made money and I haven't spent a penny neither have my parents.  There are many college opportunities out there that require just a 3.0 GPA and a 1000 SAT score on Math and Verbal.  A good way to get school funded is to apply for scholarships.  I think this is a great list of scholarships but they may be slightly outdated since it is in reference to scholarships available during 2004. ...more