6 Secrets to a Fulfilling Interracial Relationship

Interracial relationships are anything but easy. It can be hard, frustrating and there are days when you have the feeling that the whole world is against you. The truth is that this feeling will never go away.There will always be situations in which people look at you and judge you for your decision to date outside your race. I know how that feels, believe me. There will always be moments when you ask yourself if being in this relationship is worth the hassle, the judgement and the stupid jokes that you just don’t want to hear anymore....more

6 Lessons I Learned by Dating Outside of My Race

My husband and I have been married for what seems like forever (almost 12 years). Every time we reminisce about our dating years, I can't help but think the challenges of dating outside my race. During my high school years I learned never to bring a black boy home after my mom flipped out when a platonic friend stopped by our home to chat with me. I'm lucky my husband and I eventually had a happy ending, but we had some rough times....more
Love is colourblind, It is a feeling that grows when two souls meet irrespective of race,gender, ...more

I Was Once A "90-Day Fiancée"

There's a new show on TLC called 90 Day Fiance that follows the lives of four engaged couples and the women are all coming from overseas. The women enter the United States on a K-1 visa (aka the "fiancée visa") and they must marry their American fiancés within 90 days of entry. If the couple fails to do this, then the woman/fiancée would have no other choice but to go back to her home country. The four women in the show are from Colombia, Brazil, Russia, and the Philippines. ...more
AngharadO'BrienScott  I completely agree with you, on everything.  It's tough for people like us ...more

Debut Novel in NYC!

I received the first copy in the mail today!...more

Be Honest about Why You Interracially Date

 Credit: Magnus Rosendahl...more

How Do I Find a White Man?

Some of us in the interracial arena have received this question from some of our female peers lately. It seems the tide has slowly turned concerning black women dating outside of their race. Black women seemed to be the most resistant to interracial dating, but slowly some have opened their hearts to finding love with someone other than a black man. ...more
I have always been open to dating all races. If I like you, your race does not matter. I don't ...more