6 Secrets to a Fulfilling Interracial Relationship

Interracial relationships are anything but easy. It can be hard, frustrating and there are days when you have the feeling that the whole world is against you. The truth is that this feeling will never go away.There will always be situations in which people look at you and judge you for your decision to date outside your race. I know how that feels, believe me. There will always be moments when you ask yourself if being in this relationship is worth the hassle, the judgement and the stupid jokes that you just don’t want to hear anymore....more

12 Things I've Learned From Interracial Dating

I find people completely fascinating—basically, I would love to sit everyone down and hear their life story. This has led to me date a wide variety of people—from a guy with a neck tattoo and a carpet cleaning business, to a high-strung finance bro, to an awkward computer programmer. I am also an equal opportunity dater: about half of the people I’ve dated are not white (and a number of those who are come from other countries). I don’t have any kind of specific preference or actively seek out multicultural people, it’s just what has arisen from my experiences in our diverse world....more
I agree with all these points, especially the first point - 1. The vast majority of the time, ...more

Explaining the "Sexually Creative" to my Latino Boyfriend: Convincing Him to Believe in Rainbows

When T and I first started dating our best language in common was Spanish. My Spanish at the time was admittedly a fun time...as in very creative and very not correct.  I had graduated from telling my host mother, "I to eat in the past," to, "I already ate," but more complex sentences were still beyond me unless I got creative.  Therefore, it took several dates for T and I to talk about some more serious things, especially of political nature....more

How Do I Find a White Man?

Some of us in the interracial arena have received this question from some of our female peers lately. It seems the tide has slowly turned concerning black women dating outside of their race. Black women seemed to be the most resistant to interracial dating, but slowly some have opened their hearts to finding love with someone other than a black man. ...more
I have always been open to dating all races. If I like you, your race does not matter. I don't ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Feel Like We Have to Sneak Around and Hide

Dear Dr. Romance:I am in a relationship with a man who twenty years younger. He is black, and I am white. We are very much in love. The problem is that my parents are very much against my dating a black man. They do not like the age difference either, but the being black is worse. This is causing a problem in our relationship because I am putting up a wall between us because of my parents. I know how old I am and that I should not let my parents rule my life, but I am very close to my parents and my family....more

What is this World Coming To?

I’m glad you asked!...more

Do Interracial Relationships and Self-Hate Go Hand in Hand?

Recently, freelance writer Jenny An caused an online firestorm with her confessional essay I’m an Asian Woman and I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man for xoJane. But is it her defense of interracial dating or the way she defends it that's stirring up so much controversy?...more
@bellejarblog - and exactly how accepting are asian's of white's in their culture?  You talk ...more

"I Got The Fever" -- Less About Interracial Relationships, More About Clueless Bigotry

J.C Davies’ "I Got the Fever" is a perspective on contemporary interracial dating from a white female perspective. With chapters titled "Salsa Fever," "Jungle Fever," "Yellow Fever," "Curry Fever" and "Shiksa Fever," it's also a stunning display of how pervasive racial bigotry can be....more
Based on the excerpts and the quotes you provided, I feel like this book does more to promote ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Today I feel I'm losing my mind

Dear Dr. Romance:Today I feel I'm losing my mind....more

Dear Dr. Romance: My parents don't like my interracial relationship

Dear Dr. Romance: I have fallen in love with who I think is THE ONE in my life. I'm a divorced 25 year old woman. I have two children by my ex husband, who is caucasian. We have been separated for a year, and divorced for two months. I met my new love a month after the separation. We have not taken our relationship to it's full extent. We have gone out in the past year about five times. He works full time, and goes to school part time. He sees his children on the weekend (he has never been married). I have primary custody of my children, and they have met him about four times....more