Germany Makes Provision For 'Third Gender' Option On Birth Certificates

Starting from November 1 2013, Germany will become the first European country to introduce a 'third gender' option on birth certificates....more

Prenatal Drugs to Prevent Lesbianism?!

Sometimes I read things that get my dander up with such ire that I simply have to write about them, if for no other reason than to diffuse the charge. This is one of those posts....more

Caster Semenya's on Suicide Watch: What If She Were Your Child?

What if this were your child, champion South African runner Caster Semenya? ...more

Caster's story shows us how cruel and competitive people can be.

She is an athlete, that is ...more

Caster Semenya: Questionable Gender

Every morning for the last two weeks I've checked for updates about middle-distance runner Caster Semenya. This afternoon, there is an update. News reports all over the world are calling Caster Semenya a hermaphrodite. ...more
@sassymonkey Lorrie thinks that might cause some problems because he can spring more when he ...more

Caster(ation): South African Runner Sprints into Gender Controversy

Mashups are all the current rage from photographs and graphic media to musicians looping classical or jazz riffs throughout their urban beats and world grooves.  These efforts are lauded as bold innovations, explosions of creativity, and daring advancements in art and industry.  In nature, when mashups occur they are problems, labled "disorders" requiring correction.  ...more

Whither Our Water? Addressing Hormones in Local Waterways

Biology Professor Gives SurelyYouNest the Straight Dope on Endocrine Disruptors in our Waterways ...more