Top 4 Tips To Crack Your Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the most crucial moments of our lives. As that job interview decides the next coming days of our lives, it is common that many of us get nervous while going for a job interview. Research says there are around 80% of the candidates who are extremely anxious about their job interview and suffer from the interview fear. ...more

6 Simple Yet Effective Interview Tips

Being a professional woman in the work force can be tough and I am sure you are all to familiar with the obstacles we all face. Getting a job in this market is hard, even getting just an interview can be quite the challenge; so once you finally get a face to face meeting you want it to be successful. Here are seven tips to make your next interview the last interview, so you can thrive as a professional in your career. Let's get started!1- Research The Company ...more

Five tips to avoid job seeking awkwardness after Uni

Adjusting to life after university is a whole new level of weird. I for one was used to staying up all night discussing the evils of the “west” with all the self importance of Jeremy Paxman, but with more pajama top soup stains. I was used to attending workshops full of budding writers who viewed any post graduation job as a stopgap before an inevitable literary breakthrough would mean that they could spend the rest of their lives banging out bestsellers on a vintage typewriter, hyped up on various substances Hunter S. Thompson style.     ...more

What NOT To Do In An Interview

  You managed to avoid these traps and got past the resume screening stage. But there are more potential pitfalls between you and a new job.Here are a few mistakes to avoid during your interview:Show Up Late...more

In Conversation with Lauren Fritsch, Strategist and Speaker

  In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels....more