The 2 Things You MUST Do in a Job Interview

For all the advice I give you, or that you read on other websites, or that you hear from career coaches, I want to tell you that it's really so simple.  There are literally only two things you must do in an interview....more
Very good, sane advice! You're right; you wouldn't be called if you didn't meet the ...more

Fast and Furious Interview Tips!

As the economy continues to improve more companies will enter back into the hiring arena. When the market really gets humming companies will start to hire at a fast and furious level. I’d like to offer some thoughts and guidelines on preparing your organization (or perhaps yourself) for the interview and hiring process. At McIntyre we say “Everything starts with the interview.” In a company I believe the hiring process starts with knowing exactly what you want. Here are some points to consider:...more

The Sound of Silence

Let this letter from a frustrated job seeker make us all realize the  discourtesy and frustration that occurs when they are offered the sound  of silence.  This article was written by a job seeker and posted on  Recruiting Blog....more