ME-Centered Religion

Streaking Toward Greater Married Intimacy This is our current post. My husband writes on our blog sometimes. He writes with uplifting love for me, (his wife) and our marriage. ...more

Sex Toy Review – The Sqweel Go!

 It looks like a bunch of cat tongues but smoother....more

The Small of the Back

 Invisible couple (william) / CC BY-SA 2.0...more
henmom Thanks for your thoughts on rebuilding! Your comment caused me to reflect on how far I've ...more

Better Late Than Never: Coming Out at Midlife

 Eighteen years ago, after a long-term traditional marriage, I fell in love with another woman. There was shock and disbelief all around.But no one was more surprised than I was.Oddly, for a revelation of such volcanic proportions, inside I felt tremendous relief and peace.  As if someone had thrown a box of puzzle pieces into the air and they landed on the ground with the picture fully assembled.  Finally, it all made sense.* * * *...more