Dining Alone: The Journal from Awful to Lovely

The first time I ate dinner alone in a restaurant I had fettuccine in cream sauce with peas. There’s a name for that dish but I don’t remember it. I do remember holding a biography of Princess Diana on my lap, a hardcover book, one of a dozen I’d bought at the Harvard bookstore where I occupied myself in the appearance of intellectual pursuits while imagining my study group huddled around a table in a dark bar telling jokes and drinking expensive beer....more

A Coke Girl in a Pepsi World

Recently I was walking to an office refrigerator to chill my Diet Coke. I opened the fridge door, placed my Diet Coke inside, and at that moment, I realized my silver and red soda can was sitting among a sea of Pepsi cans. I am a Diet Coke Girl in a Pepsi workplace, I thought to myself....more

This Introvert's Guide to Health

Here it is, my ultimate golden rule: Enjoyment....more

Hanging out with the other butterflies

Recently, my coworkers and I watched a TED Talk by Susan Cain around the power of introverts. After the talk, we all took a quiz to determine where we fell on the introvert - extrovert spectrum. It was fun to see who was a full-blown introvert and who was more of an extrovert....more

To the awkward moms at social gatherings: You're not alone

As originally published on Sammiches and Psych MedsTo that mom sitting in the corner at the birthday party at the bounce house, I see you.I know that you’re not trying to hide from fellow mommies or avoid conversation. I know what it’s like to be out of your element. I get that small talk is a weakness and that it affects your self-esteem. Trust me when I say I’m right there with you....more

the Extrovert who tried to be an Introvert ..!

In my high school, there was this girl; actually she was my friend.  An extrovert. A social butterfly. Loud, noisy and also fun.If we asked her she'd sing a song, perform an act anything. Normally extroverts are popular, but this girl later started to get the disliking from others. There was a metaphor among the girls. “you sound like Tesa”/ “don’t talk like Tesa” etc. By that time, there was a rumour among every one that introverts are bright students, they get top marks.... (this rumour still exists despite of its validity.)...more

Enrich Your Life: Befriend an Extrovert if You’re an Introvert, or an Introvert if You’re an Extrovert

I went to the movies recently with a friend. It was billed as an action comedy and I was looking forward to some good laughs. What I hadn’t realized is that the movie was 90% action and 10% comedy. Oh, the comedy was great! We’re talking LOL rolling in the aisles funny--and the action was just as good. As long as your thing is roller-coaster hyper-warp in-your-face action. Great stuff, but by the end of the movie I was limp as a rag. ...more


 Introvert or wallflower?I will often describe myself as a shy extrovert. Does that even exist?I seek out social occasions, but tend to hang out on the sidelines. Wallflower seems to fit me,but the term reminds me of the awkward girl with braces and glasses hugging the wall waiting for a boy to ask her to dance.I love going to the amusement park, but won’t set foot on a ride. I have been on dozens of roller coasters in my lifetime, and I do not enjoy them.So why do I still get excited when the carnival comes to town?...more

An introvert in the classroom

 Stock photo used with permission.Last night when I rolled in near 9:30, it ...more

The Introvert's Guide to Surviving Family Weddings

The thing about family weddings is that family is there, in Costco volume. This is amazing, wonderful and a blessing, but also a bit overwhelming for those of us that don't feed off the energy of others. I recently attended a wedding that was lovely and very introvert friendly, but I put together a plan for next time. These are some helpful hints to surviving a large, noisy family function without alienating others.The Restroom is the Best Hiding Spot Ever...more
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