The lie I'll always believe as an introvert

In marriage counseling you might learn to avoid “never” and “always” statements when talking with your spouse. Good advice. Hearing you never or always do something is very discouraging, even if the other person didn’t mean it literally. Usually they just throw it out there to get their point across, but it usually leaves you feeling hopeless and maybe even hostile....more

Stay Home Club by Olivia Mew

I've long considered myself an introvert. I enjoy being alone and draw energy internally rather than drawing it from other people. Despite the fact that I'm a social person who enjoys the company of others, I need time alone to recharge my batteries after externally-driven activities like parties, shopping, or anything "group". Otherwise, I feel overstimulated and go quiet – it's like my brain gets overloaded and needs space to work everything out. And despite living abroad and loving to travel, I'm a total homebody....more

Introverts: The Quietest Club of All

Psst. Hey you. Are you alone right now? Isn’t it wonderful?If you said yes, welcome to the club. You may be like me, one of a growing percentage of admitted introverts. You crave solitude and need quiet alone time to recharge, which, let’s be honest, makes it sound like you’re an iPod or Seven of Nine from the old Star Trek: Voyager series, irony of the Borg Collective notwithstanding....more