Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

I was rather pleased to read recently that several medical studies now confirm what many of us already know: holding a warm beverage in our hands causes us to feel closer and more agreeable toward others.  Interestingly, if the liquid is room temperature, the feelings cease....more

The Introvert's Dilemma

I still have 12 minutes to make my first blog post for the month and kick off the February NaBloPoMo  challange.  So in the interest of time, I'm going to post my current dilemma for you all to comment so I can continue this conversation tomorrow. I have been looking for a new position in the field of my day job. No, unfortunately, this isn't, at least not yet....more

Sunday Seven – Seven Links On Introverts

As a self proclaimed introvert, articles, videos, or any type of media about introversion gravitate towards me. Sometimes I wish the extroverts would look at these instead or I had these as packaging instruction when I meet someone new (or even to family members)!...more

My kid is "that" kid....

Jack started soccer on Friday - just a half hour, once a week, 2 and 3 year old class - enough for him to learn to listen to a coach, take some direction, experience some semblance of a structured environment, learn to play with other kids and get some energy out before bed. As his little personality develops, I have been well aware that Jack is a friendly extrovert - he will say hi to anyone at anytime, roll down his window to say hi to the next car over, he will shake hands, he will high five, he knows not an iota of what "stranger danger" might imply....more

Do Extroverts Make More Money than Introverts?

There is an assumption out there that extroverts make more money than introverts. But is that really so? ...more
Brilliant Summary! I am a very comfortable introvert operating successfully in a very extrovert ...more

Yes, I Fake It!


Friday Feature: What do you do with a Moleskine? A Giveaway!

You may notice a stack of the little wonders as you wait in line to check out at your favorite bookstore.At the airport.At a mall kiosk.In the feverish hands of a journalist at the scene.FOR THE WRITER...more
Congratulations to Schmidty, who has won the giveaway! Email me at dwellintheland at gmail dot ...more

Fix It

(as posted on http://southernfriedchildren.blogspot.com) I sat across the table from my dear friend a few weeks ago as she told me about the problems her son was having in school. A shy, sweet boy, he doesn't fit in with the other boys and is painfully introverted. 'I just want him to have friends. I just want to fix it.' she said. And then my very capable, very level headed, very loving friend started to cry out of frustration and desperation to just make everything okay. When Katie was in second grade, she had a period of crippling anxiety....more

The tabbed browser...of DOOM (a Link Salad)

I have so many tabs open in my browser at the moment that I literally can't see what any of them say. I wish people would stop linking to such interesting articles! Here's what it looks like: ...more