Head space invaders

The little voice that lives inside my head right behind my face is an angry little shit goblin; a thought intruder that preys and feasts on any crumb of happy thoughts.  It is an inner spokesperson for all my worse thoughts, fears and bad memories. A voice out of control that wants to ruin everythingEveryone has an inner dialogue where they speak to themselves, replay memories and go over their concerns.  Mine obviously despises me....more

Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over the Voices in my Head

Anyone feel so consumed by their own thoughts that the outside world disappears?  That's how I feel on a regular basis, and it ain't great.  I become so wrapped up in the incessant voices in my head that keep prodding me to worry or engage in repetitive thoughts, that I don't hear when people are talking to me.  I've noticed that my memory is becoming worse, too.  It wasn't great to begin with, but I can't remember things that have happened incredibly recently, why I went to a room to get something, or the question I was about to ask someone.  I have little to no re...more