Tips on How to Start Intuitively Eating

< I'd say I spent the majority of my teenage years going from diet to diet trying to achieve the perfect dream body that I had seen in so many movies and magazines.  Instead of achieving this, however, I ended up leading myself down a very dangerous path of eating disorders, depression, and a HORRIBLE relationship with food.  It took me a LONG time to recover from all of this, and, to this day, I still have struggles with food. ...more

Eating In "Peace"

Photo Credit: catface3 via Compfight ccEating in “Peace”By Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, CDN ...more

The different faces of health

I have been ruminating over the fact that "health" looks different on every person. Just like no two people look the same, no two healthy lifestyles look the same. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that the healthy way we live is the healthy way everyone should live, but this isn't necessarily the case. ...more

Forever Fabulous

I bought a new shirt this week. I loved the way it made me feel in the dressing room. I love the style of the shirt. I love the material. As I stood there in the dressing room I felt cute. Maybe even a little sleek. In a word I felt fabulous. I bought it....more

yes, being beautiful comes within us, its our confidence in our self that makes us stand out.more

LITM's Evolution

My long time readers already know this story pretty well. But I thought it might be fun to have it all down in one concise place. Plus there are a lot of new readers that may be interested to know how it all began. ...more

The fears of a formerly skinny gal

Fear is a funny thing. The emotion of fear is so dynamic. Some people avoid being scared whenever possible (yes, I fit in this category; no scary movies for me please). Some people thrive on it....more

Perfection, oh what a slippery slope

[The body is] a marvelous machine a chemical laboratory, a power-house.  Every movement, voluntary or involuntary, full of secrets and marvels! ~Theodor Herzl The only energy left in this household of mine is being used to throw or control a fit. We are tired and headachy. And sore. ...more

A Conversation About Ditching the Diet Mentality

Sometimes it feels as though I have been on some sort of diet or engaged in an attempt at a lifestyle change everyday of my life....more

Forgiveness: the key to self-love and intuitive eating

Learning to love ourselves takes on many shapes and forms. For me, I had to give up my battle where food was concerned....more

Why I've Started Keeping a Food Journal

I went back and forth for a while on the idea of keeping a food journal. It's a diet-y thing to do. And I was afraid it would trigger me. Would it be impossible to resist the urge, with all the raw data there, to slip on over to Spark People and enter in what I'd eaten, to get a calorie count? I could already hear the "but I'm just doing it to find out how much fiber I'm eating" voice piping up....more

Thanks :) I write a lot about being a fat athlete, and about intuitive eating on my blog. I hope ...more