A Right to Privacy

Recent local tragic events have become news nationally....more

Miley Cyrus Exposed

Last week, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted an up-skirt photo of Miley Cyrus as she was exiting a car in a short skirt. The question of whether posting material of the underage teen in this manner was appropriate hit the streams and blogosphere and erupted [View the censored image here.] ...more

apparently underage sexuality is now fully marketable. consult your personal moral compass. ...more

Your Panties Are Not Safe: The Scoop on Underwear DNA Tests

My mother's grandmother once gave her a piece of unsolicited advice: if you want to cheat on your husband, don't worry, just dispose of your underwear. My grandmother had her own ideas –- which she dispensed to me herself, also unsolicited –- that one should make best friends with the staff because they're the ones who change your sheets and thus know all your "comings and goings." My mother and I thought of these ideas in the same way we think of antiques: cute, if totally outdated. Outdated, that is, until an e-mail stumbled into my inbox from a a scientist friend at USC, the subject of which read: "DNA tests underwear to prove infidelity." ...more

what a disgusting and disturbing thought. I wonder what else can our panties be tested for ...more