Roles Women Play: Inventions and Patenting

Women have very major roles to play in the modern day inventions, either as directly being inventors or as contributing team members in the entire invention process. Inventions bring about development and improvements and its ideal that every member of the society partakes in the movement towards advancements. Be it male or female, no one particular sex is responsible for inventions. Over the years, women have been very active in the movement towards development, as they have played very important roles. According to recent statistics, women have become more and more active in this line....more

The Best Parenting Invention EVER!!

Emmy just got her 82nd cold of the season. The poor little bugger was up most of the night coughing and choking on her own mucus (which meant I was up most of the night trying to get her body in an upright position so she could sleep better).  This morning her face was just a mess of teething drool and runny nose, and I couldn’t tell what was what....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks, Isabel. I am glad to have so much support for my imagined product! :) ...more

I Need H.E.L.P.

My Invention for Today: H.E.L.P. - Helium Emergency Lift Pack - a backpack that motorcyclists can wear that detects collisions/accidents and then automagically inflates a large balloon to safely carry them away. Applicable to other (outdoor) occupations and hobbyists as well. [Roofer] [Mountain Climbing] [Grizzly Bear Census Taker] [Skyscraper Window Washer] [Volcano Lava Field Inspector] My lawyer buddy told me that she would like one just to escape her job. My Response: For $742.42 you too can have a new blue blew away today!!! ...more

(Re)Invention Roadmap

With the upheaval in the financial industry, and looming instability of our healthcare system, I've been pondering my next steps in this environment.  My friends would exclaim, "Again?!?!" but smile and laugh that it's so quintessentially RTW.  As a good friend once quipped, "You're only predictable in your unpredictability." ...more

A Perfect Match: Two Tennis Loving Moms Team Up To Turn Passion into Cash.

You may not see this year's tennis Olympians wearing a new product invented by two tennis loving moms, but just wait. ...more