12 Money Rule Ideas For Investing

Money rules are a personal thing. They are your rules. You may have rules you were conditioned with (by parents, teachers, family, peers) and you probably have set some money rules for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no set formula for establishing money rules... especially money rules specific to your investments. This article will give you some ideas for setting your own money rules....more

The Art of Negotiation

Entrepreneurs know that understanding common negotiation tactics is good business. Having a good understanding of the strategies that can be used by you or on you is necessary to becoming a skilled negotiator....more

Glad to hear from someone who loves negotiations like I do. I love your illustration on ...more

Six Reasons Why Roth IRA Rocks

I love the Roth IRA. It is, in my opinion, one of the best and most convenient ways to save for one's retirement. I first started a Roth IRA in 2006 and have maxed it out ever since. Here are six reasons why Roth IRA simply rocks: ...more

My husband and I have each had one since about 2007 or so, maxing out each year.  So ...more

FTC: Don't Get Scammed

Get-rich-quick schemes have always plagued our society. ...more

Finance Lessons from the Oracle of Omaha

Berkshire Hathaway's recent annual meeting provided a great opportunity for Warren Buffett to reiterate some of the same advice he's been providing for the last several decades.  Given the current economic climate, it seems that people are more willing to listen, but even then the news is cautionary at best. ...more

Investing in your Pantry

Watching grocery and store ads is a very important must.  Know your prices for things that  you buy weekly or monthly or bi-monthly.  I shop my local grocery store which is Publix - weekly, Walmart - monthly, and bi-weekly I make a trip to my Wholesale Club (should you not belong, a member can give you a temporary membership that he or she may receive through the mail or in the coupon rack at the Club.) ...more

America Saves Week: Education

This week (2/22-3/1) is America Saves Week, coordinated by the America Saves campaign and by the American Savings Education Council, who are working with a large coalition to promote the savings message and foster better savings behavior. ...more

Stephanie Fierman On The Influence Of Optics

“Optics,” in Wall Street parlance, means how something looks or appears on its face (without a lot of detail). It’s so appropriate that the phrase comes from the investment community - because said community really stinks at it! I submit to you the following: ...more

Time to Revise Your Net Worth Spreadsheet?

Have those October brokerage and mutual fund statements all arrived? As dreadful as it may seem, you need to look at them. Unless you shorted the stock market in September, or have all of your assets in cash equivalents or another investment not correlated with the stock market, your net worth is probably down. This is a good time to update your net worth spreadsheet while you have your statements handy. Why now? ...more